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Moses Gilman and Anne Heard

Moses Gilman.
Born on 3 July 1659 at Exeter, Rockingham County, New Hampshire (S2); son of Moses Gilman and Elizabeth (Hersie-S2)(Hersey-S3).

Was in Exeter with his father, May 10, 1652; received grant of land in that part of E. which is now New Market; was frequently selectman, and in 1694 was succeeded in that office by his son, Moses, Jr. ; took an active and somewhat leading part in town affairs. (S2).

He owned land on the east and west side of Bloody Brook, at Exeter; and the Fresh Meadows, which were commonly called Moses' Meadows. (S1).

He married (1) Anne (Heard-S3). (S1,S2,S3).

He married (2) Elizabeth (Croade-S4). (S1,S2,S4).

Moses died (in 1747-S1)(on 28 October 1747-S2) in Exeter, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. (S2).

Anne Heard. (S3).

CHILDREN of Moses Gilman and Anne Heard:
  1. Abigail Gilman. Born 24 July 1693. She married John Lord, son of Thomas Lord of Ipswich, on 31 October 1712. They had sixteen children. (S1).
  2. Moses Gilman. He married Mary Tracy. They lived in Newmarket. He died on 9 January 1769. (S1).
  3. Ann Gilman. She married Mr. Lougee. (S1).
  4. Judith Gilman. She married Mr. Smith. (S1).
  5. Shuah Gilman. (Sarah-S1). She married Abner Thurston. (S1).
  6. Elizabeth Gilman. She married Samuel Thurston. They had son Samuel born 21 January 1751. (S1).