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Robert Edward GILMAN and Mary HAWES

Robert Edward GILMAN. (Gyllman-S3). [Familytree].
Edward Gilman was born on 22 June 1555 in (Caston-S1)(Hingham-S5,S9), Norfolk, England; son of Edward GILMAN and Rose RYSSE . He was christened on 20 April 1557 (10 July 1559-S14) at Caston, Norfolk, England.

According to Source 3 [S3b], Edward was born Robert Edward GYLLMAN. He later dropped the Robert and changed the spelling of his surname. This would account for the confusion concerning this generation. This is also borne out by the fact that sources that do show Robert as a separate child, give him the same death date as Edward, and that show that Robert's wife was also named Mary (see S5). See also S8, which attributes children of Edward to Robert. One item that gives pause to Robert and Edward being one and the same is the christening date in Caston given as 10 July 1559 (S14). This has not been adequately explained.

Edward married Mary HAWES in 1561 in Caston, Norfolk, England.

Edward left Caston and settled in Hingham, Norfolk, England. (S1). [So is it correct that he died in Caston instead of Hingham?].

On 2 March 1631 he enfeoffed his son John with lands devised by his father Edward in 1572.

He died (was buried-S1) 6 March 1631 in Caston, Norfolk, England.

He is mentioned in his brother Lawrences will in 1639. {S14}. [Why after his death?].

She was born 1561 in Hingham, Norfolk, England. {S1}.

Note from S4: Some online and and WFT-CD databases give her name as Mary HAWES but the source is unidentified. The LDS IGI lists Edward Gilman's (b. 1557) wife as Mary Hawes, but she is unnamed in the Gilman genealogy.( The Story of the Gilmans & a Gilman Genealogy - Constance Ames (1950)).

She married Edward GILMAN in Caston, Norfolk, England.

She died (was buried-S9) on 9 March 1617-1618 in Caston, Norfolk, England. {S1,S5}.

  1. Robert GILMAN.(S5). Born in (1581/1589-S?)(1581-S5)(1585-S8) in Caston, Norfolk, England. He married Rose HAWES on 14 MAY 1611, Hingham, Norfolk, England. He died in 1658.
  2. Bridget GILMAN. Born in 1582 in Hingham, Norfolk, England {S1}. She married Edward LINCOLN, son of Richard LINCOLN and Elizabeth REMCHING, in 1603 in Hingham, Norfolk, England. President Abraham Lincoln's pedigree goes back to Hingham and to a long line of respected ancestors. The fact that Richard Lincoln was buried in the middle aisle of St. Andrew's is evidence that he was one of the Gentry class. He died possessed of a considerable estate but the children of his fourth marriage acquired all of his property except a small amount of land, which was granted to his son Edward by the Chancery Court. Bridget's son Thomas emmigrated to America with his aunt Mary Gilman Jacob in 1633 on the ship Bonadventure, settling in Hingham, Massachusetts. Thomas Lincoln was called the Weaver. Bridget's son Samuel was the direct ancestor of Abraham Lincoln. Bridget died in Hingham, Norfolk, England {S1}.
  3. Edward GILMAN. [PC T4-1]. Born (about 1587-S1,S9) at (Hingham-S1,S9,S10,S11)(Caston-S12,S13). He was christened on 20 April 1587 (S1,S10) at Hingham, Norfolk, England.(S1,S11) He married Mary CLARK on 3 June 1614 at Hingham, Norfolk, England. Edward came to Boston in 1638 in the Diligent, John Martin, Master, with his wife Mary Clark, daughters Mary who had just married John Folsom, Lydia who later married Daniel Cushing also a passenger on the Diligent, Sarah who would later marry John Leavitt, a member of a prominent New England family, and sons Edward, John and Moses. The Diligent was said to have left Gravesend on 26 APR 1638 and arrived on 10 AUG 1638. He was made a Freeman March 13, 1639. He died on 22 June 1655 in Exeter, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
  4. Lawrence GILMAN.(S5). Born 1591. He married Anne. He died 1647 in Caston, Norfolk, England.
  5. Katherine GILMAN.(S5). Born about 1595.
  6. Rose GILMAN.(S5) Born about1597.
  7. Jane GILMAN.(S5). Born about 1599.
  8. Elizabeth GILMAN.(S5). Born about 1601.
  9. Margaret GILMAN. Born (about 1593-S5)(about 1602-S1) in Hingham, Norfolk, England. Christened 1 AUG 1602 at Hingham, Norfolk, England.
  10. Sarah GILMAN.(S1,S2,S3,S4). Born 4 AUG 1603 in Hingham, Norfolk, England. Christened 4 December 1603 at Hingham, Norfolk, England.
  11. Mary GILMAN. Born about 1605 in Hingham, Norfolk, England {S1,S7a}. Mary Gilman married (1) Nicholas (JACOB-S1,S7a)(JACOBS-S2) about 1629 in Hingham, Norfolk, England and migrated to America in 1633 with her husband, two small children, and her nephew Thomas Lincoln. She married (2) John BEAL on 10 Mar 1658/1659, Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts. She died on 15 June 1681 in Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.
  12. John GILMAN. Born (about 1596-S5)(about 1606-S1) in Hingham, Norfolk, England. He married Ann GURNEY on 1 October 1636. He died in 1639.



Robert Edward Gilman (1555-1631 and Mary Hawes
Edward Gilman (c1587-1655) and Mary Clark
Sarah Gilman and John Leavitt (1608-1691) 
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Joseph Leavitt (1699-1792) and Mary Wadleigh
Nathaniel Leavitt (1727-1824) and Lydia Sanborn
Jeremiah Leavitt (1760-1806) and Sarah Shannon
Jeremiah Leavitt (1796-1846) and Sarah Sturdevant
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