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[F262]. Job GOLBOURNE. (Goulbourne-S2, S3)
Born (about 1746-S1, S3). He was of Bunbury, Cheshire, England.

Job Golborn, Son of Mary Golborn, was christened on 9 July 1743 at Waverton, Cheshire, England. (S4). Is this the correct Job? It appears that this Job married Susanna Jones, so this is probably not the correct family. I am presuming also that this is not correct because of the location.

He is said to be George Golborn, son of Jonathan Golbourn, who was the son of John Golbourn. (S6). This George was christened on 6 March 1725, son of Jonathan Golburn of Minshull-Vernon, Cheshire, England. (S6). Jonathan Golbourn, son of John Golbourn, was christened on 20 November 1678 at Church Minshull, Cheshire, England. (S6).

Who was his wife?
Job married Mary PERRY [F263] in 1765 at Bunbury, Cheshire, England. (S2).
George Vernon married Mary Perry on 3 April 1755. He was of Little Budsworth. she was of Middlewich. (S6).
Job married Hannah STOCKTON about 1765, probably at Bunbury, Cheshire, England. (S3). [I think Mary PERRY is the correct wife, but this needs more investigation.]

[F263]. Mary PERRY.
She married Job GOLBOURNE [F262].

Hannah STOCKTON. (S3).
Born about 1747, of Bunbury, Cheshire, England; daughter of John STOCKTON and Hannah. (S3).

Job Golbourn and Hannah Stockton were married on 1 January 1771 at Tattenhall, Cheshire, England. (S5).

CHILDREN of Job GOLBOURNE [F262] and Mary PERRY [F263]:
  1. [F131]. Rebecca GOLBOURNE. She married George VERNON [F130] about 1790.