GOR Thorrasson, The Sea King

GOR Thorrasson, The Sea King
b. ca. 065 in Kvenland; son of THORRI Snaersson, King of Kvenland.
According to legend, Gor's sister, Goi, disappeared. So Gor and his brother, Nor, went searching for her. Gor searched the islands of the Baltic. Although he went all the way to Denmark and met some of his relatives, he found no trace of Goi. Nor went west over the Scandinavian mountains where he fought the local inhabitants of Trondheim. Nor eventually settled in Sokni's Valley by the North Sea. There Gor met up with him after conquering all the southern areas of the land. Gor and Nor divided the lands among themselves. Gor got all the islands he had conquered and became the first "sea king". Nor got the continental areas. Nor traveled east toward Uppland (Sweden) to Heidmark where he met King Hrolf and found that Hrolf had stolen Goi. Hrolf and Nor had a long and furious duel but neither were wounded. After this marvelous fight they made an agreement that Hrolf would marry Goi and Nor would marry Hrolf's sister. Nor returned to his land which has ever since been called Norge or "Nor's way".


CHILDREN of GOR Thorrasson, The Sea King.
  1. HEITI Gorsson, The Sea King. Born in Raumsdal, Telemark, Norway/
  2. Beiti "Sea King" Gorsson
  3. Geiti Gorsson
  4. Meiti Gorsson