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GORM The Old and Thyri Klacksdottir:

GORM The Old. King of Denmark. (Gorm den Gamle, Guthrum. It is by Guthrum he is called in the stories of his battles with Alfred the Great, King of England. He was called "the Old" because there was a later Gorm called "the Younger".)
Born (about 840)( about 850-S2)(about 900-S3); son of HORDAKNUT (Harde-Knud, Canute I, Hardicanute I Sigurdsson, Sweyn Sigurdsson). He became King of Denmark in 899.

Gorm was on the verge of defeating Wessex but was decisively defeated by Alfred the Great at the Battle of Edington. Gorm was forced to sign the Treaty of Wedmore in which he accepted Christianity and consented to the division of England into two kingdoms: Alfred's Wessex and his own Danelaw. It may be at that time that he married Thyre Danebold, the daughter of Alfred's brother, Aethelred (Ethelred).

He married (1) Thyri Kkacksdottir about 879. He and Thyri lived at Jelling. Legend has it that Gorm and Thyre slept with a sword between them during their first years of marriage because they were suspecious of the other's true intentions.

He married (2) Assur Tote of Halogoland about 900.

He died (in 936)(in the 940s)(in 958-S2,S3) in Denmark. He had a traditional Viking wooden burial chamber built in a huge mound at Jelling. It was a double grave, doubtless for him and his wife. Connected with this mound is traced a large triangular plot of ground framed by upright stones marking a consecrated place. His son, Harald, supposedly moved his body from its original resting place to the church at Jellinge, but left the original mound as a memorial to his father.

WIFE (1):
Thyri Klacksdottir. (Thyre Dannebod, Thrye Danebold, Thyri of Jutland).
Born (about 870-S2)(about 880-S1); daughter of KLACK HARALD, King of Jutland.

Father: Aethelred I, King of England, b. 837 in Wessex, England, d. 23 April 871 in Merton, England, He became King of England, 865 in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, England, cause of death killed in Battle of Merton,, buried aft. 23 April 871 in Wimborne, Dorset, England. Other sources list Thyre's father as Harold, Jarl of Jutland, or Harald of Denmark. Most sources say her father is Aethelred, or Ethelred, of England. The dates seem to work better with Aethelred, and it would make sense for Thyre to be given to Gorm to wife by Alfred the Great, her uncle, as a kind of peace treaty.

She died about 935. Her runic memorial stone honors her as Danmarkar bot (Denmark’s restorer), a distinction which attributes to her the improvement of the great rampart known as Danivirke along the southern frontier. The inscription reads: “King Gorm made this memorial to his wife Thyri, Denmark’s restorer.”

CHILDREN of GORM The Old and Thyri Klacksdottir:
  1. HARALD I BLAATAND Gormsson. (Harald Bluetooth). King of Denmark. Born about 910 in Blauzahn, Germany. He became King of Denmark in 940. He married (1) Gyrid (Gunhilde) Olafsdottir (about 950-S2)(in 965). He became King of Norway about 970. He married (2) Thora (Tova) Mistivisdattir in 970. He died on 1 November 986 in Jomsborg, Denmark; and was buried in Roskilde Cathedral, Denmark.
  2. Knut (Danaast) Gormsson.
  3. Gunhild Gormsdattir. Born in 930. She married Erik Bloodaxe. He died in 954.
  4. Ragnhild Gormsdattir. “Became a great Queen.”
  5. Thyre Dannebod.

WIFE (2):
Assur Tote of Halogoland