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Joseph Gould and Mary Prince

Joseph Gould. (Goold)
Born (in 1685-S2)(on 6 November 1685-S3)at Hull, Suffolk County, Massachusetts; son of Robert Gould and (Sarah Bosworth-S2)(Judith-S3). Robert Gould settled in Hull MA in 1660 coming on the Ship Defence from Somersetshire, England. (S3).

Joseph lived on the old homestead in Hull, and in deeds was called yeoman. (S3).

Massachusetts vital records show that Mary Prince married Joseph Gould (Goold) on 18 December 1713. They resided in Hull, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. (S1,S2).

His will was written on 23 September 1769. (S2).

On 23 Sptember 1769, being aged, he signed his will, witnessed by Thomas Collier and Thomas Jones; it was proved 3 July 1770 (Suffolk Co. Probate file 14752). He left money to son Samuel; to daughter Jane (Goold) Loring, the wife of Samuel Loring; to grandson Joshua Goold, only son of my son Joshua, late of Hingham, deceased, at age twenty-one; to grandchildren, sons and daughters of my son Joseph Goold, late of Georgetown, deceased, viz: Joseph Goold, Mercy (Gould) Bates, Hannah Goold, Mary(Gould( Greenleaf, Moses Goold, Anstiss Goold, and Stephen Goold. The son Caleb he left his dwelling house and barn and homelot and all other buildings, the lot at Peddock's Island and other lots, and livestock. Son Elisha received the home and lot and orchar I purcheased of Rev. Mr. Veazie. (S3).

He died (in 1769-S2)(on 2 December 1769-S3) at Hull, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. (S3)

Mary Prince.
Born on 2 December 1685 at Hull, Plymouth, Massachusetts; the daughter of Isaac Prince and Mary Turner. (S1,S2).

Massachusetts vital records show that Mary Prince married Joseph Gould (Goold) on 18 December 1713. They resided in Hull, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. (S1,S2).

She is often said to have married Samuel Sturtevant, but this is incorrect. There were two ladies names Mary who are confused together. This one is correctly Mary Prince. The other one is correctly Mary Price. Part of the confusion is that Mary Price and Mary Prince were both born in 1685.
Mary Price was born on 25 July 1685; the daughter of Hugh Price and Mary Wright. She is correctly the Mary that married Samuel Sturtevant
Mary Prince was born on 2 December 1685; the daughter of Isaac Prince and Mary Turner. (S1,S2).

Mary Prince died before 23 September 1769 at Hull, Plymouth, Massachusetts. (S2).

CHILDREN of Joseph Gould and Mary Prince:
  1. Joseph Gould. Born on 27 January 1715 at Hull. He married at Hull 7 Jun 1739 Hannah Binney (b. at Hull 18 October 1717, daughter of John and Hannah (Paine) Binney). (S2). He died before 23 Sep 1769 when he was called ‘of Georgetown, deceased’ in his father's will. (S2).
  2. Samuel Gould. Born on 21 November 1717 at Hull. He married Elizabeth Barker on 14 April 1752. He died in June 1791. (S2).
  3. Elisha Gould. Born 7 September 1719 at Hull. He married Experience Loring on 1 March 1744 at Hull. He died on 12 February 1777 at Hull. (S2).
  4. Mary Gould. Born on 21 May 1721 at Hull. She married Nathaniel Dill on 29 December 1743 at Hull. She died on 25 February 1744 at Hull. (S2).
  5. Jane Gould. (Jean). Born on 20 February 1722-1723 at Hull. She married Samuel Loring on 16 November 1749 at Hull. She died on 18 October 1795 at Hull. (S2).
  6. Caleb Gould. Born on 20 December 1724 at Hull. He married Sarah Binneyin 1776. He died in 1791-1792. (S2).
  7. Joshua Gould. Born on 26 February 1727-1728 at Hull. He married Lydia (Vickery) Low on 17 December 1758 at Hingham, Massachusetts. (S2).