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Hugh de GOURNAY (Hugh II)

Hugh de GOURNAY. (Hugh II)(Gournai).
Born about 1026 {S4} in Gournay, France; (Probably-S?) the son of Hugh de GOURNAY (Hugh I).

One of the commanders of the fleet sent by William Duke of Normandy in 1035 to England to support the claims of Prince Edward, son of Ethelred, to the crown upon the death of Canute. He was also one of the Norman chiefs who fought the famous battle with the French at Mortemer-sur-Eaune in 1054. In 1066 he accompanied William to England; and, as is said, died from wounds received in battle in 1074. {S2}.


CHILDREN of Hugh de GOURNAY (Hugh II):
  1. Hugh de GOURNAY (Hugh III). He married Basita FLAITEL.