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Hugh de GOURNAY (Hugh III) Basita FLAITEL

Hugh de GOURNAY. (Hugh III)(Gournai).
Born in 1040 in Gournay, Normandy, France; son of Hugh de GOURNAY (Hugh II).
He married Basita FLAITEL. He died in 1093 AD. {S4}.

NOTE: S4 mixes two generations together, he and his father.

Basita FLAITEL. (Basilie
Daughter of Gerald FLAITEL {S4}.

She died on 16 June 1099 in Normandy, France.

CHILDREN of Hugh de GOURNAY (Hugh III) and Basita FLAITEL:
  1. Gerard de GOURNAY (Gerand). Born (in 1072)(before 1082) in Gournay, Normandy. He married Editha (Ediva) de Warren. He died while on pilgrimage, possibly the First Crusade.