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Hugh de GOURNAY (Hugh V) and Julia DAMMARTIN

1163 in Ashby, Buckshire, England HUSBAND:
Hugh de GOURNAY. (Hugh V)(Gournai-S1)(The Cuckoo).
Born (about 1135)(in 1150-S2)(before 1163-S1)(in 1163-S11) AD (in Gournay, France)(in Ashby, Buckshire, England-S11); son of Hugh de GOURNAY (Hugh IV) and Melisende de Marla de Coucy.

He married Julia Dammartin. In 1190 accompanied Richard Coeur de Lion. In 1205 he lost his lands in Normandy in the cession of King John, who granted him lands in England in compensation. In 1214 he was made sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

He died on 25 Oct (1214-S11)(1215-S2) in Ashby,Leicestershire,England. He was probably buried in the cathedral of Rouen.

Julia DAMMARTIN (DAMPMARTIN). (Jiulia)(Jane)(Juliana)(Julienne)(Julia)(Dammartin)(Martin-S11).
Born (in-S11)(before) 1165 in (Dammartin, Siene-et-Marne, France)(Ashby, Buckshire, England-S11); daughter of Aubrey (Alberic) II Count Of Dammartin and Mathilda (Maud, Mahaut) De Ponthieu. She lived in Ashby, Buckinghamshire, England. She married Hugh de Gournay V. She died in 1238.

CHILDREN of Hugh de GOURNAY (Hugh V) and Julia DAMPMARTIN:
  1. Gerard. He probably died young.
  2. Anselme de GOURNAY. (Gournai). Born (about 1155)(in 1171)(in 1180). He married Eve FITZROBERT. He died in 1240.
  3. Hugh de GOURNAY. Md. Mathilda. He died in 1239 (22 Henry III), and was buried at Langley Abbey in Norfolk, England.
  4. Milicent de GOURNAY. (Melicent, Millicent). Born (in 1165)(about 1189)(in 1189-S11) (in Caister, Norfolk, England)(of Ashby, Buckinghamshire, England). She married (1) Amaury (Almeric) de MONTFORT, Earl of Gloucester and Count de Evreux, (before (1203-S13) (1205-S12)(1210-S?)(1212-S9). He is the son of Amaury de MONTFORT, comte d'Evreux, and Mabel FitzRobert of Gloucester. Amoury (Almeric) died childless {S13} in (1206-S12)(before November 1213-S13)(1214-S9). Aimeric, Archdeacon of Durham, the ancestor of the Emmerson family, is often said to be her husband, but he is said to have died as late as 1217, which makes it impossible for him to be her husband, or for her to be the mother of Emeric of Sidgate. She married (2) William de CANTILUPE (Cantilou, Canteloupe), son of William Cantilupe and Mecelin Braci, (before July 1215-S9)(about 1215). He died about 1240-1241 (or 1251). She died in 1260, at age 95.