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(Sir) David Graham of Kincardine and Isabella of Perthshire

(Sir) David Graham of Kincardine.
Born in 1274 at Old Montrose, Angushire, Scotland; son of Sir Patrick Graham of Kincardine and Annabella of Strathearn . (S1).

From Robert the First, in consideration of his good and faithful services, he had several grants, and exchanged with that monarch his property of Cardross in Dumbartonshire for the lands of "Old Montrose" in Forfarshire. (S1).

He died in June (1327-S1)(1329-S1) in Kincardine, Perthshire, Scotland. (S1).

Isabella of Perthshire

CHILDREN of (Sir) David Graham of Kincardine and Isabella of Perthshire:
  1. (Sir) David Graham, of Kincardine & Old Montrose. He married Helen de Strathearn.
  2. Margaret Graham, of Old Montrose. Married 1) Hugh O'Beolan, 4th Earl of Ross (his 3rd wife); 2) Sir John de Berkeley, 10th of Gartley.
  3. Patrick Graham of Kinpunt