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(Sir) Patrick Graham of Kincardine and Annabella of Strathearn

(Sir) Patrick Graham of Kincardine.
Son of (Sir) David Graham of Dundaff and Annabella of Strathearn. (S1).

Patrick was sent to negotiate the marriage of Prince Alexander of Scotland and Margaret of Flanders in 1281. He sat in Parliament in 1284 and acknowledged Margaret, Maid of Norway as heiress to the throne. He swore fealty to Edward I of England in 1292, and was summoned to attend Edward into France in 1294. He was killed fighting against the English. (S1).

Sir Patrick de Graham was one of the Scottish knights who in 1296 made the disastrous attempt to relieve the castle of Dunbar, held for King John Baliol against the English by the famous Countess, Black Agnes. The historian Hemingford tells how Sir Patrick, one of the noblest and wisest of the Scottish barons, disdained to ask for quarter, and fell in such gallant fashion as to extort the admiration of the English themselves. (S1).

He was killed 28 April 1296 at the Battle of Dunbar, Scotland. (S1).

Annabella of Strathearn.
Possibly the daughter of Robert, 4th Earl of Strathearn (disputed). (S2).

She married (1) John de Restalrig. They had a son John de Restalrig. (S2).

She married (2) (Sir) Patrick Graham of Kincardine before 1260. (S2).

CHILDREN of (Sir) Patrick Graham of Kincardine and Annabella of Strathearn:
  1. (Sir) David Graham of Kincardine. He married Isabella of Perthshire.
  2. Margaret Graham of Kincardine. Born about 1279 in Kincardine, Scotland. She married (Sir) Malcolm Drummond, 9th Thane of Lennox.
  3. Amanda Graham of Kincardine. Born about 1299 in Kincardineshire, Scotland. She married (Sir) Malcolm Drummond, 10th Thane of Lennox. She died in 1358 in Scotland.
  4. John Graham, 9th Earl of Menteith. Of Abercorn.
  5. Patrick Graham.