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Thomas GRANT and Jane HABURNE

Thomas GRANT.
Born (before 12 February 1600-S1)(about 1601) at Hassle, Yorkshire, England; son of John GRANT and Jane WATSON. (S1).

He married Jane HABURNE on 21 September 1624 at Cottingham, Yorkshire, England. (S1).

The emigrated to New England in 1638. (S1).

The settled in Rowley, Massachusetts. (S1-Early Settlers of Rowley," Vol. 21, 1884).

From the deposition of Samuel Stickney of Bradford in 1698: “I came over from England to New England in the same ship with Thomas Grant and Jane Grant, his wife, who brought with them Foure Children, by name John, Hannah, Frances, & Ann ... And the said John being deceased, I do affirm that the Sisters of John Grant above named, now by Marriage known by the names of Hannah Brown, Frances Keyes & Ann Emerson are the same that came over with their Father & Mother and by them owned with said John for their children. (S1).

They arrived on the shipJohn of London. Rowley was founded by a Puritan minister called Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS.. He had gathered together 20 families, including the Grants, from his Yorkshire parish of Rowley in England to establish the American Rowley. (S1).

He died (about 1643-S?)(on 21 September 1643-S1)(20 July 1698-S?) at Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts. (S1).

Born (on-S?)(before-S1) 10 October 1602 at Cottingham, Yorkshire, England; daughter of Ralph HABURNE and Maud JACLES.

She married Thomas GRANT on 21 September 1624 at Cottingham, Yorkshire, England. (S1).

She was a widow proprietor in Rowley in 1643 or earlier. Her house lot was on Bradford Street. (S1).

She was taxed in 1653 for two cows in Rowley, MA. (S1).

“Widow Jane Grant had an acre and a half house lot on Bradford St., 1643. Her husband, Thomas Grant, came with her to this country in 1638, probably to Boston. She was taxed in 1653, for two cows. Her death is not of record. (S1).

  1. Ann GRANT. Born 21 December 1637 at (Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts-S?)(in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England-S1). She married Robert EMERSON on 4 January 1658 at Rowley, Massachusetts. She died 28 July 1718 at (Rowley-S?)(Haverhill-S1), Massachusetts.
  2. Jane Grant. born 08 MAR 1624/25 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, and died 12 MAR 1625/26 in Cottingham, Yorkshire. (S1).
  3. John Grant. born 05 MAR 1627/28 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, and died 18 MAR 1696/97 in Rowley, Essex Cty, Massachusetts. (S1).
  4. George Grant. born 16 APR 1629 in Cottingham, Yorks County,, and died 16 APR 1629 in Cottingham, Yorks County. (S1).
  5. Hannah Grant. born BEF 16 OCT 1631 in Cottingham, Yorkshire. She married Mr. Hazen. She died FEB 1715/16 in Haverhill, Massachusetts. (S1).
  6. Frances Grant. born 12 JUN 1634 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, and died 1708 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts. She married Solomon KEYES on 2 OCT 1653. (S1).


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