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Benjamin GRAVES and Mary HOAR

Benjamin GRAVES.
Born (about 1645)(on 3 MAR 1645) at Concord, Massachusetts; son of John GRAVES [F7236].

He married Mary HOAR [F3619] on 21 OCT 1668. (Concord Register, Book Y).

He was in the Colonial Wars as a member of Captain Thomas Wheeler's Company and fought against the Indians in July and August 1675. It is also noted that he was a soldier in King Philip’s War in Captain Wheeler’s Company and was in fights at Wicnaboag Pond and Brookfield, on 16 Aug. 1675. He served in Groton in Feb. 1675-1676, and his name appears again on the payroll 24 Aug. 1676.

He and his brother John Graves of Sudbury, MA, with others, purchased on 20 May 1681 from Christopher Hall "all the mines and minerals of one kind or another found or to be found or that may be found on his land in Groton, MA at a place called Cold Spring near William Longby's house, with liberty to dig, delve or use the land and to erect buildings etc." Benjamin Graves did not move to Groton but continued to live at Concord until after 1681, and all his children except the last one were born at Concord (according to Concord Register, Book 1).

Benjamin was apparently still living in Concord in 1684, since on a list of the second order of proprietors (1745) is included “David Comee, then living where Benjamin Graves lived in the year 1684.”

He moved to Saybrook, CT and lived at Pattaconke (northern part of Saybrook), where he bought land 25 Jan. 1703. He deeded half of his farm to his son Joseph on 18 March 1715, and certain lands to his son John of Killingworth, CT on 14 Sept. 1716.

The following records were found regarding Benjamin:
November 4, 1716, Benjamin Graves, yeoman, for love and good will to loving son John, now resident of Killingworth, amessuage or tenement at Pottaconk, with all the buildings, etc., bounded westerly by land of Joseph Graves, it being understood that Benjamin is to retain the life use of the same. (John sold the property in 1724.)

March 18, 1715, Benjamin Graves for love and affection to son Joseph deeded one-half the farm where I now dwell the westerly half (R-9).

Old Saybrook was divided into three parts. The northern part was called Pattaconke (also spelled Pataconke and Pattaquonck). "The committee for highway improvements were to lay out a good and sufficient highway to the 'Great River' at the northward side of ye land formerly owned by Benjamin Graves in Pattaconke", action taken at Saybrook, 5 Jan. 1724/5.

Old Saybrook is on the south shore of Connecticut, on Long Island Sound, at the mouth of the Connecticut River. Pattaconke was about 7 miles north of the mouth of the Connecticut River when a part of Saybrook. It is now the town of Chester, CT.

Killingworth is about 5 miles west of Chester, and was originally a part of Clinton, Connecticut until 1836. Clinton is on the south shore of Connecticut about 5 miles south of Killingworth. The land in this area is rolling hills, covered with forests.

The births of all the children except John were recorded in Concord Register, Book 1.

He died (before 23 MAR 1724)(18 MAR 1715) in Concord, Massachusetts.

Mary HOAR.
Born about 1648, daughter of John HOAR [F7238] and Alice LYLE [F7239]. She married 21 OCT 1668 Benjamin GRAVES [F3618]. She died 5 JUN 1697 in Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Benjamin GRAVES [F3618] and Mary HOAR [F3619]:
  1. Mary GRAVES. Born on 18 Jan. 1669/70 at Concord, Massachusetts. She married Benjamin Rice on 1 April 1691. She died on 22 October 1736.
  2. Elizabeth (or Mehitable) GRAVES. Born on 25 April 1671 at Concord, Massachusetts. She married Joseph Beebe on 26 DEC 1706. She died on 4 April 1730.
  3. [F1809]. Ruth GRAVES. Born 25 November 1674 at Concord, Massachusetts. She married (1) John Webb on 25 (or 15) January 1699/1700. She married (2) William Merriam on 7 November 1711. She died on 12 November 1755.
  4. Benjamin GRAVES. Born on 2 March 1676/7 at Concord, Massachusetts. He married (1) Ruth Stirling (or Mary Sterling). He married (2) Mary Haynes. He died 30 December 1752.
  5. Joseph GRAVES. Born on 1 September 1679 at Concord, Massachusetts. He married Sarah. He died after 2 April 1756.
  6. Joanna GRAVES. Born on 2 February 1681 at Concord, Massachusetts.
  7. John GRAVES. Born in 1683 at Concord, Massachusetts. He married (1) Hannah Farnum on 30 May 1710. He married (2) Sarah Chapman on 18 June 1754. He died on 29 Dec. 1766.
  8. Rebecca GRAVES. Born about 1685. She married Jonathan Daniels on 12 Dec. 1706 (New London, CT VR).