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Henry Gregory and Mary (Goody)

Henry GREGORY. [see PC M2-10].
Born (1570-S)(1586-1587-S5,S7,S8,S11,S16) (1590-1595-S4,S6) in (Brampton, Cumberlandshire) (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire-S5,S6,S8,S16) (Highhurst, Nottinghamshire-S9,S14)( Broughton Sulney, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire-S11), England; son of John GREGORY and Alice ALTON.

He was of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. He was a shoemaker.

Henry married (Mary-S2) (Abigail-S3,S5,S8)(Elizabeth-S14) GOODY (GOODMAN) [F4261] (about 1602)(in 1603-S10,S18)(in 1612-?) in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England.

[It is apparent from the birth of the children that 1612 is about the correct marriage time. The marriage date of 1603 is an obvious confusion with another Gregory. The daughter Elizabeth is often said to have been born about 1603-1604, but there were could have been two Elizabeths in separate Gregory families.].

He came to Boston, Massachusetts (in 1633-S21)(about 1636) in the ship Nova Anglia.

He was in Springfield, Massachusetts (in 1637-S21)(in 1639-S10).

He had Jury Duty; 14 Nov 1639; Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts. This was the first jury noted in the court records; the other jurists were Deacon Samuel Wright, Henry Smyth, Jehew Burr, John Searle, and Samuell Hubbard. (S15). He served on Jury hearing cases between John Woodcoke & John Cable and between William Pynchon & Thomas Merricke.

Jury Duty; 18 Jun 1640; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. Deacon Samuel Wright served on jury hearing case between William Warriner & Henry Gregory.(S15).

5 FEB 1640-1641, Robert Ashly complaines against John Woodcooke in an action of the case for a gunn that he bought of him and paid him 22s 6d for it yet the said John Woodcoke did not deliver it to him accordinge to bargaine.

Also Robert Ashly complaines against John Woodcok in an action of the case for not breaking up of certain ground for planting according to bargaine.

The Jury Henry Smyth, Henry Burt, John Leonard, John Dible, Samuell Wright, Thomas Merick:

In the first action the Jury find for the plaintife 22s 6d and in costes 4s.

The 2d action John Woodcoke doth acknowledge it his dew to brake up the said ground and doth bynd over some of the Swine that he hath now in the hands of Thomas Mirick for the performance of the said ground in case it for not don before the first of Aprill, then he doth promise to allow for the damage out of the said swine as two indifferent neighbors shall prise the said swine and so to pay as much as the workmanship of the said ground shall be valued at.

After the Jury had given in their verdict John Woodcoke denied that Robert had paid for the said gunn notwithstanding the action was [illegible] before him and he never denied it: but I offered him a new tryall by a writ of error if he would present it.

Goody Gregory hearing him denie that he was paid testified uppon oath that she heard John Woodcock say that he did not owe above as 2s 6d in the plantation she said that she replied thus to John Wookcocke that she heard Robert say that John Woodcock ought him between 30 and 40s. Then John Woodcok answered that Robert was a pratinge fellow for he had set of his gunn and now he did not owe him past 7 or 8s: Also Henry Gregory testified uppon oath that he heard him speak the same to his wife.

Goody Gregory being accused by oath of John Woodcoke and Richard Williams for swearing before God I could break her head: she did acknowledge it was her great sin and fault and saith she hath bin much humbled for it:

She is fined 12d to the pore to be paid to Henry Smyth within a month: or if she doe not she is to sit 3 houers in the stocks. (S13).

Jury Duty; 10 Sep 1640; Springfield, Hampden Co., MA 3. Deacon Samuel Wright served on jury hearing case between Henry Gregory & John Woodcoke in action of the case for 'fower poundes fowerteene shillings' (S15).

[I can’t help but wonder if it were these court cases that made him decide to move from Springfield to Connecticut. RAM].

A shoemaker, of Stratford, his workmanship was complained of in 1647. He was spoken of as an old man, and his sons John and Judah and daughter the wife of William Crooker testified.

Liberal supporter of church. His wife was outspoken about her neighbors [sic], was tried and convicted and sentenced to sit in public stocks on public Green for certain length of time. No record of sentence being carried out, so possibly it was suspended provided they left town (or possibly they left in anger over carrying out of sentence) at any rate they moved to Stratford, Conn. Here he made an agreement with John Meigs to make up so many pairs of shoes, Meigs to supply leather and cord. When delievered, the leather proved 'horny' (poorly tanned) and the cord rotten. Meigs was notified, but ordered them 'Slapped together' which Gregory did. When Meigs sold the shoes, they all came back. He brought suit against Gregory for Damages. Ministers wife swore she bought a pair, wore them to the sea shore, and soles came off. The Judge decided Meigs had no business to pass such shoes to public - it was a cheat. Gregory had no business making them up - it was a cheat. Costs divided between them. (S21).

William Gregory of Nottingham, Eng, Gent., in his will 18 Jun 1650 gave a legacy to his brother Henry. (S12). In his will, 18 Jun 1650, proved 5 Feb 1651, Wm. Gregory of Nottingham, Eng., Gent., gave 10 pounds to "my cousin Perrie, my sai brother Henry's daughter".(S17).

He died (14-S6,S8,S11,S16) (19-S4) Jun 1655 in Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. (S3). Estate administered 1655, son John administrator. A distribution of his estate was ordered 19 JUN 1665, his eldest son John being appointed administrator, and to receive double portion, and that no other children are mentioned. (S21).

(Mary-S2)(Abigail-S3,S7,S19) (GOODY). [see PC M2-10].
Born about (1586-S9,S19)(1588-S5) (1593-S6,S20) in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. She married Henry GREGORY in 1612 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. She died (1641-1642-?) (15 Feb 1640-S8) (about 1640-S9)(about 1641-S19,S21) in (Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut-S19)(in England-S5)(Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts-S8,S9).

  1. John GREGORY. [see PC M2-10]. Born about 1614-1615 at Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England He married Sarah ST. JOHN. He died in 1689.
  2. Judah GREGORY. Born about 1617/1618 and died before 4 Sep 1649.
  3. Perry GREGORY. Born in 1619 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England and was christened in St Peter, Nottinghamshire, England.
  4. Edward GREGORY. Born about 1619.
  5. Elizabeth GREGORY. Born 1621 and died 24 January 1680/1681. Elizabeth Gregory is said to have married Richard WEBB [F14464] with whom she arrived from England aboard the Winthrop Fleet in 1629. However, if she was born in 1621 she would have been too young to be a wife of Richard at that time, and her father, Henry, is said to have arrived in 1636. Elizabeth was the administrix of Richard’s estate upon his death in July, 1655. She died on 24 January 1680-1681.
  6. Elizaphatt GREGORY. Born 1623 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England. [This is probably Elizabeth. I have not seen evidence that she was a separate child].
  7. Anne GREGORY. Christened 29 Jan 1625.
  8. Triposha GREGORY. Christened 23 Sep 1627 in St Peter, Nottinghamshire, England. She was buried 2 Oct 1629 in St Peter, Nottinghamshire, England.
  9. William GREGORY. Christened 27 Jun 1630 in St Peter, Nottinghamshire, England. He was buried 6 Aug 1635 in St Peter, Nottinghamshire, England.
  10. Abigail GREGORY. Christened 17 Mar 1632/1633 in St Peter, Nottinghamshire, England. She was buried 25 Mar 1633 in St Peter, Nottinghamshire, England.
  11. (son) GREGORY. Born about 1634. He died 6 Aug 1635 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England.