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John Gregory and Sarah St John

John GREGORY. [see PC M2-10].
Born on 16 December 1615 in St. Peter's Parish, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England; son of Henry GREGORY and Mary.

He was a shoemaker.

He married Sarah ST. JOHN (about 1635/1637-S3)(1636-S8)(in 1637-S5,S14) at (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England-S3,S5).

He is NOT the John Gregory that married Sarah Burt and Elizabeth Brightman. They were at least a generation earlier. In any case, he was already in New England, and his will mentions his wife Sarah.

There is no record of John at Springfield, Massachusetts. Was he the John Gregory who was a proprietor in Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, in 1638? Plymouth Colony records dated 7 January 1638-1639 show that a John Gregory was granted six acres of land at the west end of New Field (possibly later called Barnstable, where a William Crocker is found and John Gregory's sister Anne married a man by the same name in New Haven). (S20).

He is later settled at New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, and was admitted member of the New Haven Court on 24 February 1644-1645. He lived in the Yorkshire quarter of New Haven, with a property of six acres acquired from John Evance? (S20).

So he was in New Haven, Connecticut in 1644. However, it is said that his son John was born in New Haven in 1636, and his son Jachin in 1640-42. If that is true, he was there at least by 1636.

On 25 May 1646 it was ordered "that Bro. Seely & Brother Gregory doe looke that noe hydes come out of the tanners hands but those that are well tanned & that they seal them if they do allow them & that they have 4d per hyde for viewing of them." On 6 June 1648, "Brother Seely" again complained about the quality of the work of several tanners, including John. (S20).

On 31 January 1647-1648; "that as hides were nearly as cheap here as in England shoes might be sold more reasonably in New Haven than they were selling." John then deposed; " to the courte that a good while since there was a pare of shooes spake of in courte wch he sould William Paine, of the tenns [size 10], French Falls, at 5s 10d, at wch their was some offence taken, and he condemes himself that he hath let it lye so long uncleared, but now he presented a noat in courte wch showed the perticulers howe they did amount to so much, under two shooemakers hands, but the courte professed they could not see cause shooes should be sould at this rate." (S20).

January 8, 1648/9 noted that "John Cooper acquainted the court that he finds great difficultie in viewing fences, because some are gone out of towne & other agoeing & leave none to take order about their fences." John Gregory is mentioned as being absent. John sold property to Thomas Wheeler, and removed to Startford, CT. (S20).

Property in Stratford included; "Item two house lotts five acres and a halfe more or less buting east upon the highway and west upon the swampe bounded with Thomas uford on the north and John Hurd on the south. (S20).
Item two acres in the old feyld more or less buting north upon the highway and south upon the fresh pound bounded with Richard Booth on the east and John Curtis on the west."

These properties were on the west side of what later became Main St. between South Avenue and Birdsey Street, opposite the lot of William Crooker, his brother-in-law. He also owned four acres on the west side of "neesing-paw reef in the new feyld." (S20).

He apparently moved to Stratford, Connecticut in 1650 with planter Roger Ludlow. He was a sealer at Stratford, Connecticut; that is, he caught seals for food or used them for oil for lamps.

By 1651 or 1653 he had left Stratford. Records show that John Peacock purchased John's land during this time frame. By the fall of 1653, John settled in the new town of Norwalk. A record dated 24 April 1654 shows that the town ordered "that the allotments to beginne to be layed out as following; Videlicett to beginne at the end of the hither plaine where John Greggory mowed last year." John had lot "No. 1" with four acres of it being an original grant, supporting the conclusion that he was an early settler to the town. (S20).

He was a Selectman in March 1656-1657 and again in the years 1665, 1666, and 1669. (S20).

He was appointed Cow Herder in the year 1659. (S20).

He was selected as Deputy for Norwalk in October 1659, October 1662, May 1663, October 1663, March (May) 1665, October 1667, May 1668, May 1669. October 1669, October 1670, October 1671, May 1672, October 1672, May 1674, October 1675, October 1677, October 1678. May 1679, October 1680, and May 1681. (S20).

On 12 September 1660 he is named as "constubull for the Third yer insuing." (S20).

" March 11, 1662. John Gregorie arrived here [New Amsterdam] yesterday from New England, requested further answer to the propositins of some Englishmen . . . . The following answer was given to him . . . that there was no fnudamental difference in religion between the two and only slight difference in church government and in civil justice. The bearer, your present messenger and agent John Gregorie being not further instructed, we shall break off for the present." (S20).

On 20 January 1665-1666; "Goodman Greggorie [was] to have liberty to buy the homelot of Stephen Beckwith [of four acres], to build a fence across the creek by his house and shopp, thefence to have a gate and pair of barrs." (S20).

In 1666: Robert Treat and John Gregory, after consulting with Governor Cataret of New Jersey, chose the site of Newark which was settled by families from New Haven, Milford, Guilford, and Branford. When the first division of lands was made, John drew lot 41 "upon consideration that he come with his family to build and inhabit the same about two years." The town sold his lot in 1668 to Henry Lyon, and in 1669 disposed of an upland lot "that was formerly laid out to John gregory, if he had come to town." (S20).

On 2 January 1670, the town challenged his right of ownership "of the lands he howlds from the right of James the Indyan" as well as his right to "Cokkanus Island." The town traded him other lands in return for the island, so that it - like the other islands in Norwalk - would remain common property. Gregory's Point which extended into the harbor from his house lot also belonged to him and it is presently owned by the Norwalk Country Club with Gregory Boulevard running into it. His total holdings were valued at 188.10.00 in 1655, and had increased to 253.10.00 in 1671.

June 1, 1670, on a committee to mark out the bounds between the Norwalk and Saketuk Rivers. (S20).

June 26, 1672, sent to a special meeting of the Legislature to consider war with Holland over the Dutch colony of Nieuw Nederland. 1674, appointed the sealer of leather. (S20).

His will was dated 15 AUG 1689 at Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. (S2,S20). His will was probated on 9 Oct 1689 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He therefore apparently died between 15 AUG and 9 OCT in 1689 in Norwalk (Danbury-S4,S17), Fairfield County, Connecticut. He left most of his estate to his wife, Sarah; with his two daughters to receive equally, and son-in-law James Benedict to have as much as John Benedict had.

August 15, 1689; " Know all men by thes pres yt I John Gregory of ye Town of Norwalk in ye County of fairefield in the Colony of Conocticut upon Right Consideration moveing me thereunto: do freely give unto my beloved wife Sarah Gregory all my moveable goods houshoulds, cattle, chattels, and all moveables in house and shop, I doe by this my act and deed pass over to ye sd Sarah my wife to be actually possesed of ye moveable estate and to be hers to despose of after my deseace according to her owne will and descretion amongst the Children.
I doe also give to my said beloved Sarah my book of acct and all debts therin and what bills of debt are oweing me I pass them over by deed of gift to my sd wife provided ye sd Sarah shall see yt what I owe to any upon these account be duly paid wch is not [?] to wt is owed to me.
I do also give to my sd wife Sarah all my Lands not desposed of by deeds of gifte only shee shall after my deseace either despose ye sd Lands and [give?] ye prise and monyes of them amongst my two daughters by an equall proportion to each making ye devition by judisius descretion.
Jams Bennidick my son in Law may have so much as to answer ye worth as neer as may of that medow given to John Bennedick in Consideration of the deed only cautioning my beloved wife to remember the granchildren in her dissposall of the goods given her.
I have set to my hand and seale this fifteenth of Agust in ye yeer of our Lord 1689."

Sarah ST. JOHN. [see PC M2-10].
Born (about 1614-S2,S5,S7,S9,S10,S16,S20)(in 1614-S3,S8)(between 1614-1616-S11)(about 1616-S15) (in England-S2,S5,S7,S9)(in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England-S3,S8,S10,S11). She is said to be the daughter of Matthias ST. JOHN [F4262] and Elizabeth [F4263] (S5,S7,S8,S9). She cannot be the daughter of the Matthias who was christened in 1628. It is by no means clear that her name was even ST JOHN. Source 19 says she was Sarah BENEDICT.

She married John GREGORY (S5,S8) (about 1635/1637-S3)(1635-1636-S11)(1636-S10)(in 1637-S5)(in 1648-S8) at (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England-S3,S5,S11)(at New Haven, Connecticut-S8).

Her will was dated 9 October 1689 at Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. (S2). Her will states friends Thomas Hanford & Sergt. John Platt, overseers; witnesses John Fitch & James Betts; sons-in-law John Benedict, James Benedict; sons John, Jakin, Judah, Joseph & Thomas Gregory. Inventory was taken (28 OCT, with the Agreement on 1 November-S5,19) 1689. Therefore she died between 9 October and 28 OCT in 1689.

Sarah's will: " Know all these prsts that I Sarah Gregory widow of ye town of Norwalk in ye County of fairefiled in ye Colony of conecticut, do choose ordaine confirme and appointe my trusty and well beloved friends Mr. Thomas Hanford and Sergt. John Plat boath of Norwalk afforsd to be Jointe over seers and administrators of my estate and committ to them ye distribution thereof to my Children according to what instructions & derections I have left in ther hand as to pertickular moveables expresed after my deseace and for Lands & Cattels or unspecified moveables I leave it to my faithfull frends to distribute according to ther wisdom amongst all my aforsd Children.
I doe also by these put over into ye hands of those my Trustees all bills of debts and my book of account giveing them full power to demand and sue or impower therunto whom of my sons they shall judg meet to demand and sue any yt refuse to make Just and honist paymt of Debts due by bill or book as itt shall appear to be due.
I doe also commit to these my Trusty frinds the care of dischargeing what Debts are oweing from me to ant that shall make honnest and Just demands therof and for what time Labor and paines my aforesd frends and Trustees shall expend nessecarily upon ye ocation and affairs afforesd I do alow them out of ye sd estate resonable and Just sattisfaction in conformation of ye severall premises above sd I do set to my hand this ninth october Anno dom 1689. " (S20).

The inventory was taken on 4 November 1689: (S20).
" An Inventory of ye Estate of Sarah Gregory as it was taken & apprised by us whose names are under writen october: 28 1689.
1 horse, 3 cowes, 1 calfe, 3 swine & pigs 20.15.00
4 sheep, 6 Turkeys, 16 Geese 05.15.00
1 fether bed, 1 bolster, 2 pillows, 2 blankets, 1 coverled, flocks 03.16.00
1 fetherbed, 1 bolster, 4 fether pillowes 08.00.00
1 home made Rug, 1 bought coverled 1 Green Rug 04.10.00
2 fether bolsters, 1 flock bed, 2 beds 05.10.00
1 home made coverled, 2 blankets, green Rug, 2 blankets 07.10.00
1 blanket, 1 bed and bolster 7 chairs, 11 Cushings 03.00.00
1 Bedstead, Curtains & Vattens, Truckle bed, 5 chests 05.00.00
1 table & Form, 2 boxes, Grindstone, Shop tooles 03.06.00
5 barrells, Pease, 21 pewter dishes 52 pounds weight 06.09.00
2 basons, 2 Candlesticks, 2 Small basons, 10 porringers 01.17.00
2 Saws, 1 Gill bottle, 1 cup, 2 chamber pots, ould pewter 00.16.00
1 Tankert, 1 Pinte pot, 10 Glass bottles, 1 Quart pot,1 Brass Kettle
1 lesser kettle, 3 Iron Kettles, 2 Iron potts 09.10.00
2 brase skillets, 1 warming pan, 2 frying pans, 1 Spitt 01.02.00
Cobirons, 2 Trammells, 1 Slice, 1 Tongs, 2 pot hookes, 1 gridiron 02.02.00
1 hammer, 1 Trowel, hinges and latch, dripping pan, 1 Spade 00.19.00
2 Coulters, chain & hoaw, 1 chain, powder and led 01.13.06
1 Gun, 1 pistol, 1 Sword, Bandilears, 1 gun barrell 02.04.06
9 pr and 1 sheets, 1 Table cloth, 1 Table cloth 10.05.00
pint bottle, 2 Table cloathes, 2 Table cloths 01.11.06
13 Napkins, 2 Cotteon Pillowbees, 6 linen Pillowbees 03.03.00
Wheat, Indian [corn], 4 barrells, 2 hogsheades 06.11.00
3 Canew Troughs, 1 Trough, 1 Trey, 2 Sives, handsaw 01.01.00
2 Stone jugs, 1 broaken juge 00.10.00
1 Cream pot, earthen pans, 3 jars, 1 Tub, barrells in the Seller 00.17.06
1 churne & milk boals, 6 Spoones, Salt meat 02.04.00
2 bills of Credit 29.12.00
Silver, ferret & Cotton Rib, Sisers, knife, Razor, Silk 00.13.00
3 Parcells of Land 54.00.00
In Books 04.15.06
2 pair of Cotton shirts, 1 pillow bed 02.14.00
16lb of flax, a Hetchel, 1 flagon, Spoones 01.07.00
1 Holland Sheet 01.08.00"
The total value was 215.04.06.

On 1 November 1689, the heirs divided the estate: " Know all men by these presents yt we whos nams are underwritten, being Legatees to ye estate of ye deseaced Sarah Grigory of norwalk our once surviveing mother have jointly agreed among our selves to approve of the declared will of our deseaced mother and do rest sattisfied with ye bequeathment therein to each of us John Bennidick & Jams bennidick haveing receaved & declared themselves satisfied with ther portions do mutually consent yt what estate is remaining in ye Inventory should be destributed amongst the five brothers John Jakin Judah Joseph and Thomas Gregory according to the descretion of the Oversers and they do by these persens mutually and severally binde themselves each to other ther heirs ans Assigns forever hereafter to stand to this agreement and to Avoid all furer strife and Contention about ye above sd estate in Confirmation of ye premises we have each to other enterchangably set to our hands this first of November 1689. " (S20).

  1. John Gregory Jr. Born 26 JUL 1636 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut. (New Haven, Connecticut-S5). John married Elizabeth MOULTHROP (MOULTROP) on 18 Oct 1663 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. Elizabeth Moulthrop was born about 1643 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. He died about 1720 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut.
  2. Jachin (Joachim, Jakin) GREGORY. Born 1640-1642 in (Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut)(New Haven, Connecticut-S5). Jachin married Mary in 1669. Mary was born 1648. Deputy for Norwalk 1695. Inv. 22 Feb 1697/1698. Jachin died 1697/1698 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut.
  3. Judah Gregory was born 1642-1644 (1643-S5,S20) in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut.(New Haven, Connecticut-S5). Judah married Hannah HOYT on 20 Oct 1664 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut. Hannah Hoyt was born about 1648/1649 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut and was christened 1649 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. He was one of the original settlers and founders of Danbury, Connecticut. Hannah died in Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut. Judah died 1730-1733 (in 1733-S5,S20) in (Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut-S5,S20). It is thought he died about age 90.
  4. Joseph Gregory was christened 26 Jul 1646 in New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut. Joseph married Hannah RUSSELL in 1666 in Connecticut. Hannah Russell was born 1645 in Connecticut. She married (2) Nathaniel Stone. Joseph Gregory died 14 May 1718 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut.
  5. Thomas Gregory was born in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut and was christened 19 Mar 1648-1649 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. Thomas married Elizabeth PARDEE on 25 Dec 1679 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. Elizabeth Pardee was born 10 Jun 1660 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut and was christened 13 May 1662. She married (2) John Olmstead. She died in Norwalk, New Haven, Connecticut. Thomas Gregory died Nov 1693 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut.
  6. Phoebe GREGORY. [see PC M2-10]. Phoebe Gregory was born (about 1649-1650)(about 1654-S20) in (New Haven, New Haven County)(Norwalk, Fairfield County), Connecticut. Phoebe married John BENEDICT Sr. on 11 Nov (1670-S7)(1676) in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. She died (about 1689-S7)(about 1750) in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut.
  7. Sarah Gregory was born 3 December 1652 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. Sarah married Deacon James BENEDICT on 10 May 1676. Deacon James Benedict was born 6 Feb 1649 in Southold, Long Island, New York. He died 11 Nov 1729 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut and was buried in Ridgefield, Fairfield, Connecticut. She died (in1692)(about MAR 1706-1707-S20) in (Norwalk, Fairfield County)(Danbury, Fairfield County-S5), Connecticut.