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(Elijah?) Griswold and Abigail

(Elijah?)(Elisha?) GRISWOLD.
The father of Hannah has not been determined. The name Elijah is given as the most probable, though I have never seen a definite source for this, and have not been able to find him in the records. While in Nauvoo, Hannah gave her mothers name as Abigail, so her real father was married to an Abigail at least by 1790, possibly in the Hartford area but also perhaps in Killingsworth, Connecitcut. It is a real puzzle to me why she didn't name her father in the Nauvoo records.

Other possible candidates:

Elisha GRISWOLD. Married Abigail DIX. He died in 1780, which makes it impossible for him to be Hannah’s father, unless she were born in 1780 instead of 1790. Also the original family information indicates that Hannah’s father was Elijah, not Elisha.

There is an Elijah Griswold in the 1790 Census at Simsbury, Hartford County, Connecticut.
Elijah Griswold

This Elijah seems to have lived and died in Simsbury, and had a considerable family there beyond the time that Hannah Griswold is in New York.

Others have given the name of John Griswold and Hannah Peck. John's wife Hannah Peck died in 1789 and he married (2) Polly Starkey in 1791. If correct, this would preclude a daughter Hannah having been born in 1790.

My own research indicates that the most likely person to be her grandfather is Daniel B. GRISWOLD. He settled in the right time in the Herkimer County area, where Hannah was later married.

The greatest difficulty in determining the father of Hannah is the fact that the Herkimer County courthouse burned down in 1804, destroying the records that could have possibly told of the GRISWOLD families in that area. The really sad part is that the county clerk at the time was a Griswold.

Some people (see Ancestry.com) say the parents of Elijah were David Griswold (1693-1742) and Siberance Francis (1687-). This is impossible with David's death date in 1742.

She was married at least by 1790, possibly in the Hartford area or in Killingsworth, Connecticut. The fact that her daughter, Hannah, was baptized for her at Nauvoo in 1841 verifies that she had died prior to that time.

CHILDREN of (Elijah ?) GRISWOLD and Abigail: