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Thomas HALL and (1) Maryland Ann Wheeler and (2) Sarah Handy

Thomas HALL. [Ancestors].
Born (between 1740 and 1750)(in 1752-S6) in Baltimore County, Maryland; son of Joshua HALL and Diana SPICER.

He married (1) Maryland Ann WHEELER on 5 September 1778 in Baltimore County, Maryland.

He was one of the earliest surveyors in Kentucky.

In the 1796 tax list of Green County, Kentucky he is listed with 100 acres on Russellís Creek in Green County. On 30 July 1796 he is granted 200 acres on Russells Creek in Green County. On 1 October 1796 he is again granted 200 acres on Russells Creek. I can not tell if this refers to the first parcel of 200 acres or if it is an additional grant.

In 1797 he had 3 parcels; 100 acres on the waters of the Green River, 100 acres on Russellís Creek, and 100 acres on Little Barren Creek (which was William Handyís entry). In 1799 he again is listed with several parcels.

On 15 May 1800 he is granted 200 acres on Little Barren Creek in Barren County. On the 1800 tax list of Green County, Thomas HALL appears with four parcels of land. He has 600 acres on the Little Barrens in Green County, 100 acres on the Green River waters in Green County, 100 acres on Russell's Creek in Green County, and 200 acres in Barren County. In 1801 he is again listed with several parcels. On 29 APR 1804 he is granted 50 acres on the Barren Meeting House Spring in Barren County. In 1804 he is listed with 3 parcels in Barren County.

He married (2) on 24 May 1808 to Sarah HANDY, daughter of William HANDY and widow of (Hansel ?) ALFORD. He is on the 1808 tax list of Barren County with two parcels, 100 acres and 50 acres, both in the Upper District of the waters of the Barren. On 22 February 1810 he is granted 46 acres at the Meeting House Spring in Barren County. In 1810 he again appears on the Barren County tax list with those two parcels plus a 640 acre parcel. In the 1810 census Thomas and his wife are living in Barren County. By then his children were apparently all grown and away from home. On 5 August 1812 Thomas and his wife Sarah give to George Wilcoxson (said all to be of Barren County) a deed to 5 acres on the head of Spring Lick Creek, which was part of a headright granted to Thomas Pelham for 400 acres. At the same time they granted to Jeremiah Bunnel of Barren County 19 acres from the same parcel.. In 1812 he is again listed on the Barren County tax list.

On the 13th of January, 1815, William HANDY, father-in-law to Thomasís daughter Elizabeth, deeded livestock, farming utensils, and a lease of a tract of land "where I now live" in Barren County, to Thomas Hall.

On 20 February 1816 they again granted a deed to George Wilcoxen of Barren County for 8 acres from the same 400 acre parcel as before. He is listed on the tax list for the last time in 1817 in Barren County. But on 22 February 1818 he is granted 80 acres in Barren County. On 9 May 1818 he witnessed a deed from Jesse HANDY to Dennis McCall. On 10 August 1818 he and his wife Sarah grant to Richard Craddock (all of Green County) a total of 156 acres of lands on the head of spring Lick Creek, which were broken out as follows: 24 acres at the head of Barren Meeting House Spring located by lands o Dennis McCalley, 39 acres which included the spring, 80 acres by John Berks and Skaggs land, and 10 acres by Barrens Meeting House Spring.

He appears on the 1820 Census of Green County, but on the 1830 Census back in Barren County, at the time between 80 and 90 years of age. A Thomas Hall is listed in Barren County in 1833, but with no land.

WIFE (1):
Born about 1752 in Baltimore, Maryland, daughter of Samuel WHEELER and Mary. She married (1) Joseph RAVELIN. She married (2) Thomas HALL on 5 September 1778 in Baltimore County, Maryland. She died probably about 1807 in Kentucky.

  1. Mary RAVELIN. Married Elihu OWINGS in Bourbon County, Kentucky. {Valentine B138}.

  1. Elizabeth HALL. [Ancestors]. Born in 1780 in Maryland. She married Jesse HANDY on 23 June 1797.
  2. William HALL. Born 8 April 1786. Of Green County, Kentucky. He married Mary McDONALD (McDONNEL) (McDANNEL-S6) on 7 March 1807. A Will HALL was married on 15 March 1809 in Green County to Mary McDANELL. (S2, S6). He died after 1825.
  3. John HALL. He married Dolley (Polly) ABBOT on 3 June 1807.
  4. Nancy HALL. She married Jacob WILLCOCKS (WILCOX) on 23 July 1799.
  5. Rachel HALL. Bonded on 4 April 1808 to marry George WILCOXEN (WILCOX).
  6. Rebecca HALL. Bonded on 23 May 1808 to marry William ABBOT.
  7. Benjamin HALL. He married Rachel INGEMAN on 2 July 1801.

WIFE (2):
Sarah HANDY.
Daughter of William HANDY. She married (1) (Hansel ?) ALFORD. She married (2) Thomas HALL on 24 May 1808.

CHILDREN of Thomas HALL and Sarah HANDY:
  1. As far as we know, they had no children.


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