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William Joseph HANDY and Birdie Alice Pearl HENTZE

William Joseph HANDY. [PC C1][Family Tree].
Born 8 April 1869 in Cameron, Clinton County, Missouri, son of James Marion HANDY [F24] and Sarah M. STOVALL [F25] (S4). Some sources say he was born in Jefferson County, so it is possible that the family resided here for a time.

William was with his family in the 1870 Census in Albany, Gentry County, Missouri. He was listed as one year old:
James M. Handy. Age 30.
Sarah M. Handy. Age 28.
Samuel F. Handy. Age 4.
Richard S. Handy. Age 2.
William J. Handy. Age 1.

William was with his family in the 1880 Census in Athens, Gentry County, Missouri. He was listed as ten years Old:
Jas. M. Handy. Age 40.
Sarah M. Handy. Age 37.
Sam'l F. Handy. Age 13.
Richard S. Handy. Age 11.
William J. Handy. Age 10.
Mary B. Handy. Age 9.
James B. Handy. Age 8.

His family is in the 1900 Census in Glenwood, Philips County, Kansas; but he is not listed in the household, so he is apparently on his own and out of the house by this time.

He married Birdie Alice Pearl HENTZE [F13] on 9 June 1901 in Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas. He is listed as at the time being a resident of Phillips County, Kansas; so he had apparently moved there with his family.

He always watched for new areas that the government was opening up for settlement. He would travel there, select the best piece of land he could find, stake claim to it by registering with the nearest land office, and then move his family to the land to begin developing it.

Soon after their marriage they were living at Newton, Harvey County, Kansas.

In 1905 they were living at Bethany, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.

About 1910 they moved to California in order to live near Birdie's family. Her sisters and their families lived in the area.

They are in the 1910 United States Federal Census in Los Angeles Assembly District 74, Los Angeles, California:
William J. Handy. Age 42.
Birdie Handy. Age 26.
Sarah Handy. Age 9.
Clifford Handy. Age 7.
Charled Handy. Age 5.
Howard Handy. Age 3.
Pauline Handy. Age 0 (9/12).

In 1915 they are living on 2510 Pennsylvania Avenue, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.

By about 1917 they had moved back to Oklahoma. He moved his family to a farm in the rich bottomland near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

They are in the 1920 United States Federal Census in Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma:
W. J. Handy. Age 51.
Berdie Handy. Age 36.
Clifford Handy. Age 17.
Charley Handy. Age 15.
Howard Handy. Age 13.
Pauline Handy. Age 11.
Russell Handy. Age 9.
Ruth Handy. Age 0 (9/12).

In 1922, William J. Handy and Birdie Handy are living at 7 Cannery Cottage, Van Nuys, San Fernando, California. (S14).

W. J. Handy is listed in the 1930 United States Federal Census in Sapulpa, Creek County, Oklahoma; in the household of Rafe Turner: Rafe Turner. Age 51. Josephine Turner. Age 51. Grace Turner. Age 13. Juanite Turner. Age 26. Eugene Turner. Age 9. R. J. Turner. Age 8. Illene Turner. Age 3. W. J. Handy. Age 62. Boarder. Divorced.

He died 8 MAY 1933 in West Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma; and was buried 11 MAY 1933 at Red Fork Cemetery (also called Clinton Oaks Cemetery), Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Clinton Oaks Cemetery is located on West 43rd St between S 24th West Ave & Zenith, Lat: 36° 06' 04"N, Lon: 96° 01' 05"W. The cemetery contact address is: W. 43rd Street, Tulsa, OK 74107 (918) 591-4325.

Birdie Alice Pearl HENTZE. [PC C1][Family Tree].
Born 22 (23-S5) June 1884 at Eddyville, Wapello County, Iowa; daughter of Charles William Eugene HENTZE [F26] and Amanda Ann HOWARD [F27].

She married William Joseph HANDY on 9 June 1901 in Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas.

She died 3 (5-S5) April 1942 in San Diego, San Diego County, California; and was buried at the Mount Hope Cemetery in San Diego, San Diego County, California.

CHILDREN of William Joseph HANDY and Birdie Alice Pearl HENTZE: