HENRY I, King of Navarre

[F27295910]. Henry I, King of Navarre. (de Blois).
Born in 1244 at Troyes, Aube, France; son of THEOBALD IV, King of NAVARRE and Margaret, (of FOIX-S1) (of Bourbon-S2). He died 22 JUL 1274.

Blanche of Artois, Queen Of NAVARRE. (d’Artois).
Born about 1245-1250 at Arrqas, Pas-de-Calais, France; daughter of ROBERT I, Count of ARTOIS and Matilda of BRABANT. She married (1) Henry I, King of Navarre in 1269. She married (2) Edmund ("Crouchback"), Earl of LANCASTER on 29 OCT 1276. She died 2 May (1300-S2)(1302-S1) in Paris, Seine, France; and was buried at Minoresses Convent, Aldgate, Middlesex, England.

CHILDREN of Henry I, King of Navarre [F27295910] and Blanche of Artois:
  1. []. JEANNE (or Joanna), Queen of NAVARRE. Born in JAN 1271-1272. She married PHILIP IV "The Fair", King of FRANCE on 16 AUG 1284. She died 2 APR 1305 at (Chateau-de-Vincennes)(Cordeliers Convent-S1), France.
  2. Thibaud Henriquez born 1273.


Edmund ("Crouchback"), Earl of LANCASTER MARRIAGE: 29 Oct 1276.

CHILDREN of Blanche of Artois and Edmund, Earl of Lancaster:
  1. Thomas, Earl of LANCASTER
  2. Henry, Earl of LEICESTER