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HENRY, Earl of Huntingdon

HENRY, Earl of Huntingdon. (Earl of Huntingdon. Earl of Northumberland.).
Born about 1114; son of David I, The Saint, of Scotland, and Matilda of Northumberland. Acceded in 1136. He married Adelaide de WARENNE in 1139. He died on 12 JUN 1152; and was buried at Kelso Abbey, Roxburghshire.

Adelaide de WARENNE. (Warren).
Daughter of William de WARENNE (William II) and Isabella de VERMANDOIS. She married Henry, Earl of Huntingdon.

CHILDREN of HENRY, Earl of Huntingdon and Adelaide de WARRENE:
  1. Malcolm IV. The Maiden. King of Scotland. Earl of Huntingdon. Born 20 March 1142. Acceded 24 MAY 1153 at Scone Abbey, Perthshire. He died 9 December 1165 at Jedburgh Castle; and was buried in Dunfermline Abbey, Fife, Scotland.
  2. William I. The Lion. King of Scotland. Earl of Huntingdon. Married Ermengarde de BEAUMONT on 5 SEP 1186. He is associated with miss de HYTHUS. He is associated with miss AVENAL
  3. Margaret of Huntingdon. Countess of Hereford. Dutchess of Brittany. She married (1) CONAN IV, La Petit, Duke of Brittany. He died on 20 FEB 1171. She married (2) Humphrey de BOHUN. She died in 1201 and was buried in Sawtrey Abbey, Haunts., England.
  4. Ada de HUNTINGDON. She married Florence III of Holland in 1162.
  5. David de Huntingdon. Earl of Huntingdon. Earl of Northumberland. Earl of Lennox. Earl of Carlisle. Earl of Doncaster. Earl of Garioch. Earl of Cambridhe. Born about 1144. He married Mathilda de Keveliock of Chester on 26 AUG 1190. He died 17 June 1219 at Yardley, Northants., England; buried at Sawtrey Abbey, Hunts.
  6. Maud. Died young, in 1152.
  7. Isabella de HUNTINGDON. She married Robert de ROS, Baron of Wark.
  8. Margaret. She married John de LINDSAY.


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