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Henry HENTZE and Triphena GALE

Henry HENTZE. (Hentze, Henzey, Hensey).
Born (8-S?)(24-S4,S7,S12)(29-S9) NOV (1758-S?)(1759-S4,S7,S9,S12).

He is said to be a descendant of a large landed proprietor in Germany, but that prior to coming to America with the Hessians, he lived in Holland. He was a Hessian soldier brought by England to America at the time of the Revolutionary war, and that later, being in sympathy with the struggle for freedom, deserted and joined the Americans. {S14}.

John Andrew Hentze, who married Sarah Wylie, is said to be his brother, and that they came to America together as Hessian soldiers {S13}. Their son Andrew HENTZE, born 20 November 1887 (1788-S10) in Connecticut, is said by some to the the son of Henry, but this is apparently in error (see Barbour Collection). This son Andrew (of Sterling) married Rachael Adams (of Voluntown) on 14 July 1814 in Connecticut, and they had moved to Brownville, New York by 1820. Andrew died 5 MAR 1867 and was buried at Honeyville Cemetery, Adams Town, Jefferson County, New York. Sarah, the wife of John Andrew Hentze, filed for a Revolutionary War pension, and documents with her application give further details of his background and service. Affidavits in her pension application corroborate their history, and name John Andrew (Hensey) as a Hessian soldier captured at the Battle of Bennington, who became a POW working on her farm that eventually volunteered to fight for the Continental Army. After the war, he moved back to the Connecticut farm he had worked on where he met Sarah and married her. They had several children, then he rejoined the American Army and died fighting Indians at St. Clair's defeat. {S13}.

It is very possible that Henry also became a prisoner in the war and was taken to Vermont, where he met his wife, and when they married settled down for a life in America as did John.

The first known record of Henry is found in Vermont. Researcher Dr. John Vallentine (S2) Wrote, “Note that the Hensey family was from Windsor County., Vt., and not Windsor Co., Connecticut. Henry Sr. can be traced back to Windham Co., Vt, but at that point the trail completely disappears. I also agree that the family were of German origin, but I believe that they had become fairly well Anglicized by the time we locate them in Vermont. For a German to be in southern Vermont in 1790's is very much of a rarity. The origins most likely will be found in New York state, Pennsylvania, or Maryland but I am mostly without leads at this point. Rensselaer Co., New York, and Philadelphia, Berks, and Lancaster Co., Pa., show fleeting promise for later searching. I have written for a copy of the pension application papers stemming from Joseph Henszey.” {S2}. The result of the pension search is unknown.

Henry married Triphena GALE (GAIL, GIL) [F105] on 14 MAR 1793 in Guilford, Windham County, Vermont. Census records indicate that he was probably married as early as 1774. This is too early for Triphena to be married, according to her age as given to the census takers. This does leave open the possibility of a previous marriage for Henry.

On 13 NOV 1797 Henry HENTZE of Gilford, Windham County, Vermont received from Reuben W. Wilder for $300 a deed and mortgage to 60 acres “by Henry Morgain in Township of Plymouth”. This deed was recorded on 19 FEB 1798.

In the 1800 Census he was living at Plymouth Town, Windsor County, Vermont. {S2,S12}. He is listed as having one male under 10, two males ages 10-16, one male age 12-26, one male age 26-45 (including head of family), three females under age 10, one female age 10-26, one female age 16-26 (including head of family), and one female age 26-45 (including head of family). {S12}.

He was still living in Plymouth on 13 MAY 1806, at which time he paid off his mortgage to Reuben W. Wilder for his 60 acres. He appears to be selling this property in 1806, since at the same time he gives a quitclaim deed to someone else for 60 acres. It is probable that they left Plymouth at this time.

They lived in Brownsville, Jefferson County, New York, on the mouth of the Black River Bay on Lake Ontario. They moved there at least by 1814, and are listed as one of the pioneer families {S6}.

Source 12 says the Hentzes came to Chaumont and Three Mile Bay in New York from the Mohawk Valley in central New York, but that it is tradition among the Connecticut descendants of Chester (son of Henry and Triphena) that the family went to Connecticut from the Black River country of New York. Source 12 does mention that the family lived at least temporarily for a time in Vermont. It is true that Henry lived in Black River Bay area, and that his descendants lived in Chaumont and Three Mile Bay areas.

From the History of Brownville: "In 1813 and ‘14, several years after Le Ray had been set off, the officers of the town divided the territory of Brownville into school districts, and in several cases mentioned the families residing in and constituting the district. By the record thus made we are able to furnish the names of many early settlers which otherwise might be omitted. However, the reader will understand that at that time the the town included all [of what is] now Brownville, and as well Pamelia, on the east, and Lyme, Cape Vincent, Clayton, Orleans and a part of Alexandria, on the west and north. In district No. 4, then created, the settlers were Luther Stevens, Barnabas Eaton. Josiah Bonney, Eber Palmer, Gage Meacham, Caleb J. Bates, John Parish, Samuel Hopper, Elijah Ainsworth, John Gould, David Augsbury, Soloman Makepeace, Eliot Makepeace, Abner Wood, William Moss, David Youngs, Stephen Gould and Joel Meacham. In district No. 12, which lay well to the north, were Levi Wheelock, John Folts, Eliot Alton, David Dillaback, Lewis Gould, Jeremiah Phelps, Joshua, Elisha and John Gustin, Elisha Gustin, jr., Erastus Cornwall, Peter Paddock, Nathaniel Whitney, W. A. Silsby, Thomas Pudney, Orvin Davis. In district No. 3, in the northeast corner of the town, the settlers were Henry Thomas, George and Cornelius Salisbury, Isaac Cornwall, Nathan Cole, John Stewart, John Shelimer, Daniel Cornwall, Curtis Golden, Samuel Ray, Henry Baker, Stephen Farr, Obadiali Rhodes, Benjamin Cole, Daniel Doming, Arnold Miller, Warren Steward, Samuel Cronkhite, William Stewart, Ephraim Strong, Jeremiah Cheeseman, Noah Lyman, Aaron Dresser, John Dighton, Barnabas Dighton and M. L. Booth. In 1814 the families in district No. 2 were those of Anthony Graves, Josiah Dean, Ottis Britton, Moses Cole, Samuel Knapp, Thomas Nelson, Thomas Nelson, jr., Charles Welch, William Cole, George Hoffman, Titus Gould, Ebenezer N. Britton and John Allen. In district No. 5 in 1814 there lived Auhelus Doxey, Abner Brown, John Paddock, B. Dillaback, William Dillen, Edward Hawkins, Henry Brown, Thomas Brown, Henry Hentze, Joseph, Daniel and Isaac Pettit, Mr. Cleveland, William Maffle, Peter Acker, Daniel and Jacob Woodward and James Wright. {S10,S11}.

Brownsville was named after Jacob Brown, a developer, who was previously from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.(S6).

Henry and his family appear in the 1820 Census in Brownville.

In an 1825 census he is listed as living there, with 25 acres of improved land.

He died on (1)(20-S12) November 1841 at Brownsville, Jefferson County, New York, aged 82 years, 11 months and 23 days; and was buried there in the Petit Cemetery.


We have found a record of a Heinrich HENTZE, of Pennsylvannia, who entered the military in the Revolutionary War, and traveled to Canada. He was afterwards released back in Pennsylvannia. Heinrich could be the same person as Henry HENTZE. If so, he was probably impressed by the country in Vermont as he passed through on his way to, and from, Canada. After he was released from the military back in Pennsylvania, he returned to Vermont to settle. This is purely speculation that has yet to be proved or disproved, but it is an interesting possibility.

The following record also offers intriguing possibilities that need to be investigated further:
The military chaplain of the Hessian Anhalt-Zerbst Regiment recorded the following burials in Quebec, Canada.
1. HENTZE, Johann Heinrich, 2.11.1778, à la Caserne (barracks) de Québec, âge (aged) de 17 semaines/weeks, fils/son of soldat Hentze (capt. Schwartzburg).
2. HENTZE(in), Maria Elisabeth, 3.11.1778, à L'Hôptial Général de Québec, 35 ans, née/born au Monastère (Monastary) de Hildesheim, épouse/wife of soldat Hentze (capt. Schwartzburg). {S8}.

This means that the soldier, HENTZE (could it possbly be Heinrich?), married Maria Elisabeth. She was born about 1743 in Hildesheim. She died in Quebec while he was a soldier there in Quebec; and was buried on 3.11.1778. It seems that she died just a few weeks after giving birth, and the child died within a day of her death. {S8}. She could have been the previous possible marriage that I have speculated for Henry. Hopefully, the records of the Hessian Anhalt-Zerbst Regiment will give further information.

Triphena GALE (GAIL)(GIL)(GAEL).
Born about (1770-S5)(1771-S4,S7,S12) in Vermont or New York (probably Vermont).

She is most likely a descendant of Richard Gale, who was living at Watertown, Massachusetts by 1640. He and his wife, Mary, had five children; and their descendants lived in Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, and Wisconsin. [see my GALE FAMILY STUDY.]

Triphena married Henry HENTZE [F104] on 14 MAR 1793 in Guilford, Windham County, Vermont. [However, the ages of children in the Census records are problematic.

On 7 MAR 1814 she received a deed to 25 acres in the town of Brownville, Jefferson County, New York, located in the “25th. northern and 31st and 32nd western ranges in Beaver Land by lands of Timothy Pettit and William Dillin.” This is undoubtedly the 25 acres listed in the 1825 census. Why she received the deed and not her husband in not clear.

It appears that she received the land through her brothers, who wished it to be held in her name.

After her husband died in 1841 she apparently lived with her son Levi. At least, she moved with him to Clayton Town, Jefferson County, New York in 1847 and resided with him there. She was still there in his household in the 1855 Census. In the 1860 Census she was in his household still, but in Lyme Town (P.O. Cape Vincent), Jefferson County, New York.

She died 8 October 1861 at Brownville, Jefferson County, New York at age 90; and was buried there in the Petit (Pettet) Cemetery.

CHILDREN of Henry HENTZE and Triphena GAIL:
  1. Triphena HENTZE. Born on the 3 day of (month unreadable-S12) in 1793. She died before 1798.
  2. Lydia HENTZE. Born 29 November 1794.
  3. Henry HENTZE Jr. Born between 1793 and 1800 [My guess is about 1797] in Rutland, Vermont {S14}. He married Charity GOULD. On 14 JAN 1846 for $800 ($1800-B10a) he received a deed from Philo Bennet of Akron, Ohio for one tract in Brownville Township by Goodrich and Wager and the Rome State Road and one acre in Brownville Village. They sold this tract back to Philo Bennet on 23 SEP 1847 (S5a). He took his family via the lakes on the steamer Mayflower to Chicago, where he was met by George Munroe, who married their daughter Sarah. Mr. Munroe took them by team to Wilmington.
  4. Triphenea HENTZE. Born 1 June 1798.
  5. Salley HENTZE. Born on the 18th of (month unreadable-S12) in 1801.
  6. Levi HENTZE. Born (19 MAY 1804)(12 NOV 1805-S4,S7,S12) in Vermont. [Could there have been a son Levi born in 1804 who died shortly after birth?]. On 29 AUG 1829 he received a deed for a "small tract of undivided half interest" in Brownville, Jefferson County, New York. {B6}. On 29 AUG 1829 he received a deed from Lawson Buston of Brownville for a small tract of "undivided half interest" in Brownville, which was recorded on 18 AUG 1830. (B4, B6, B7}. In 1840 he was living in Brownville. He married about 1840-1842 to Irena (Irene). {B8}. She was born about 1810 in Jefferson County, New York. About 1847 They moved to Clayton Town, Jefferson County, New York. In 1850 he was living in Clayton, where he was a farmer, with property valued at $200. {B10}. He created deeds there in 1854 and 1858. {B8}. He and his wife sold property in Clayton on 6 FEB 1854 and 6 NOV 1858. {B7}. In the 1860 Census he was residing in Lyme Town (P.O. Cape Vincent), Jefferson County, New York. {B10}. Source 12b lists him as a farmer and lime burner of Lyme, New York. They had children: Oscar F., born 1841-1843 in Jefferson County, New York (He must have married between 1855 and 1860) and lived in Chaumont, NY; Helen A., born 1844 or 1845 in Jefferson County, New York; Clarissa L., born 1845 or 1847 in Jefferson County, New York; Chester A., born about 1851 or 1852 in Jefferson County, New York. Levi died 4 JAN 1875 in New York, age 70 years, 7 months, and 15 days. {B8}. His wife Irene died 30 DEC 1883, age 73 years, 4 months, and 24 days. {B8}.
  7. Simon HENTZE. Born (13 JAN-S7)(17 JUN-S7,S12) 1807 in Vermont. He moved with his family to Brownville when he was about 8 years old and resided there the rest of his life. He died 2 APR 1875 in New York, at age 68 years 2 months and 19 days; and was buried in the Petit Cemetery in Brownville, Jefferson County, New York. {B7}.
  8. Isaac HENTZE. Born (20 MAY)(19 MAR-S4,S7,S12) 1809 at Windsor, Windsor County, Vermont. He married Maria Theresa WALL on 19 April 1831(1832-S4,S12) at Brownville, Jefferson County, New York. He died (29-S4,S12)(30) June 1864 at Haddam, Middlesex County, Connecticut while visiting his brother Charles (Chester?). He was buried at Haddam, Middelsex County, Connecticut.
  9. Robert W. HENTZE. He married Lucinda. {B6, B7}. On 15 MAY 1841 he received a deed from Joseph Brownell and wife Jane for 12 acres, a tract in lot 14 in the town of Adams (Adamstown), Jefferson County, New York. {B6, B7}. This deed was recorded on 12 DEC 1842. They sold a lot there on 5 Nov 1859. {B7, B8}.
  10. Charlot HENTZE. Born 24 August 1811.
  11. Chester HENTZE. Born 23 February 1813 in New York. He married Marinda CLARK on 4 May 1835. He died on 19 June 1886 in Glastonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut. It was his granddaughter who retained the Family Bible {S12}.
  12. Charles HENTZE. [It was said that Isaac died at his brother’s Charles, but other than that mention, I have no record of a brother Charles. Probably his brother Chester was meant.].