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Isaac HENTZE and Maria Theresa WALL

[F52]. Isaac HENTZE.
Born (20 MAY)(19 MAR-S6,S7,S8) 1809 at Windsor, Windsor County, Vermont; son of Henry HENTZE [F104] and Triphena GAIL [F105].

His father and mother moved to Black River Bay area in New York sometime between 1806 and 1814.

From the History of Brownville:
"In 1813 and Ď14, several years after Le Ray had been set off, the officers of the town divided the territory of Brownville into school districts.... In district No. 5 in 1814 there lived Auhelus Doxey, Abner Brown, John Paddock, B. Dillaback, William Dillen, Edward Hawkins, Henry Brown, Thomas Brown, Henry Hentze, Joseph, Daniel and Isaac Pettit, Mr. Cleveland, William Maffle, Peter Acker, Daniel and Jacob Woodward and James Wright. {S9,S10}.

His family appears in the 1820 Census in Brownville.

His family is still living in Brownsville in an 1825 census, with 25 acres of improved land.

Isaac married Maria Theresa WALL [F53] on 19 APR (1831)(1832-S6,S7,S8) at Brownville, Jefferson County, New York. After their marriage they continued to live at Brownville, Jefferson County, New York where he was a farmer.

In the 1835 census he is listed in Brownville Town, Jefferson County, New York; with two females in his household.

In 1850 he was said to own real estate valued at $170.

In the 1850 census they were still living in Brownville. The household consisted of Isaac, Maria, and children: Malvina, Elizabeth, Melissa, John H., Verona, and Harriet. With them were Isaac GALE and John WALL.

They moved west to Illinois about 1850. They lived for a short time in the Pecatonica area, where son Charles was said to be born. They didnít stay long in Illinois, but soon moved further west to Iowa.

In 1864 while he was visiting his brother Charles (Probably Chester. Chester was living in Glastonbury, Vermont), he was skinning a cow that had been killed by a rabid dog. He cut himself and died from the infection on (29-S6,S7,S8)(30) June 1864 at (Higganum)(Maroma)(Haddam-S6,S7), Middlesex County, Connecticut. He was buried at Haddam, Middelsex County, Connecticut.

[F53]. Maria Theresa WALL. (WALL or THORNWALL-S6).
Born on 12 December 1812 in Brownville, Jefferson County, New York; possibly the daughter of Henry WALL [F106].

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She married Isaac HENTZE [F52] on 19 APR 1831-1832. She moved west with her family to Illinois between about 1850. They stayed there only a short time and then moved west to Iowa. Her pension application was mailed from the village of Fairbank, Fairbank Township, Buchanan County, Iowa.

She died 7 July 1880. Her death location is unknown, but her pension application was mailed from the village of Fairbank, Fairbank Township, Buchanan County, Iowa. [NOTE: In 1880 daughter Malvina was living in Oran, Fayette County, Iowa.].

CHILDREN of Isaac HENTZE [F52] and Maria Theresa WALL [F53]: