HERBERT I of Vermandois

HERBERT I of Vermandois. Count of Vermandois. Lord of Senlis, Lord of Peronne and Lord of Saint Quentin
Born about 848-850; son of PEPIN of Vermandois. He married Bertha de Morvois. He died in 907.

Bertha de Morvois.

CHILDREN of HERBERT I of Vermandois.
  1. Herbert II of Vermandois (c.880-943)
  2. BEATRIX of Vermandois. (Beatrice). Born about 880. She married ROBERT I, King of the Franks. She died in 931.
  3. Cunigunde of Vermandois (-943)
  4. Adele of Vermandois
  5. Berenger of Vermandois, Count of Bayeaux.