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(Sir) William de Hilton and Mary Stapleton

[F243552]. Sir William de HILTON.
Born (about 1427-S7)(about 1432)(1437-S5) in Durham, England; son of (Sir) Robert de HILTON [F487104] and Maud CLIFFORD [F487105]. He married Mary STAPLETON [F243553] about 1457.(5). He died 20 OCT 1457.

[F243553]. Mary STAPLETON.
Born (about 1429-S6)(about 1434) in Durham, England; daughter of (Sir) William de STAPLETON [F487106] and Margaret VETERIPONT [F487107]. She married Sir William de HILTON [F243552].

CHILDREN of Sir William de HILTON [F243552] and Mary STAPLETON [F243553]:
  1. [F121776]. (Sir) William de HILTON. Born about 1457 in Durham, England. He married Margery BOWES [F121777].
  2. Eleanor HILTON. Born about 1450, of Hilton, Durham, England. She died about 1 July 1513.