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William Holton and Mary Winche

(Deacon) William HOLTON (HOLDEN, HALTON, HALTON)(HOLTON-S1,S3,S6). [Ancestors],
Born on (18 APR-S5)(28 APR-S17)(28 AUG-S15)(2 OCT-S4) (1608-S8)1610 in Holton St Mary, Suffolk, England; son of Edward HOLTON and Constance ADKINSON. Son of (Thomas-S15).

He was christened on 20 October 1610 at St. Mary's, Suffolk, England. (S6). " ...papers that indicate the possible baptism of (William), in the Nayland Church near Ipswich in Suffolk, England." It was dated in 1610. "October ye 20th daie", recording the baptism of "Willm sonne of Edward Holton. It is further learned that he was born at Wiston Manor Farm in the Parish of Holton St. Mary's. This homestead, which is not to be confused with Wiston Hall, the ancient manor house, has been the residence of Holtons even as late as the twentieth century... (S9).

He married Mary [F2247] about 1630 in England.

He immigrated in April 1634 to Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. He arrived in July on the ship Francis. He was age 23. The passenger ship list is printed in the "Register," Vol 14, pg. 331 where his name is listed as "William Haulton."

On the last day of April, 1634, Rowland STEBBINS embarked for America aboard the Francis, under Captain John CUTTING, from Ipswich, England. With him were his wife Sarah, their children: Thomas, aged 14; Sarah. aged 11; John, aged 8, Elizabeth, aged 6. They also had with them Mary WINCHE, aged 15 (13-S18). It is unknown if she was related to STEBBINS. (S16).

He was one of the original proprietors of Hartford in 1636.

William came to Massachusetts aboard the Francis leaving England in April 1634 and arriving in Boston several months later. In 1636 he was one of the first settlers of Hartford, Connecticut. William married sometime between 1637-1639, having left Hartford and ventured back to England where he stayed for three years; when he returned had a new wife, Mary. Their home lot in 1639 was on "the road from George Steele's to the Great Swamp now Washington St." William and Mary were original settlers of Northampton, Massachusetts; where they went in 1653. He was the first deacon there and erected by contract the first house of worship in Northampton.

William was a representative to the General court in 1664-67-69 and 1671 and was Justice of the Peace. He introduced a motion in the General Court at Boston for the suppression of intemperance, the first known in American history.

William and his family moved to Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts in 1655; where William was the first deacon of the church, ordained 13 MAY 1663. He was also a representative in 1664, 1667, 1669-1671, once for the town of Hadley.

He died on 12 August 1691 in (Northampton, Hampshire Co.-S4,S6)(Ipswich-S5), Massachusetts. William and Mary died within three months of each other, supposidly from a suspected disease or epidemic that had spread through the Connecticut River settlements. (S22).

Mary (WINCHE-S2,S5,S11,S13,S17)(WINCH-S23)(WINCHEL-S7)(WINCHELL-S6). [Ancestors].
Born in (1612)(1619-S22)(1621-S18). She married William HALTON about 1630 in England.

Several sources say she is the Mary WINCHE who came to New England with the Rowland Stebbings family on the Francis in 1634. [see RESEARCH below]. This presents a problem. If John and Mary were married in England in 1630, she would have carried his name instead of her maiden name. The Mary WINCHE who sailed on the Francis could be someone else. Of course, since their marriage in 1630 is only given as an approximation, so they may have met on the ship and married later. Source 17 says they married in 1637 (1638-S19), which sounds more likely.

She died on 16 November 1691 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of William Holton and Mary (Winche?):
  1. Ruth HOLTON. [Ancestors]. Born (about 1643-S22)(about 1648-S?) in Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. She married Joseph BAKER on (2-S?)(5-S2) FEB 1662 Born about 1648 in Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. She died on 12 July 1725 in Durham, Middlesex, CT.
  2. Mary HOLTON. Born (about 1626-S?)(1637-S22). She married (1) David BURT on 18 November 1655 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA. She married (2) Joseph ROOT in 1691/92 in Deerfield, Franklin Co., MA. She died (in 1713-S?)(16 December 1718-S22).
  3. Sarah HOLTON. Born (between 1628 and 1638-S?)(1637-S22). She married John KING on 10 Nov 1656 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts. She died 8 MAY 1683.
  4. John HOLTON. Born (about 1646)(between 1641 and 1646-S23) at Hartford, Connecticut. He married Abigail Fisher on 1 March 1666-1667. . He died on 14 APR 1712.
  5. Samuel HOLTON. Born (in Oct-S?)(on 1 NOV-S22) 1646 in Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. He was baptized on 1 November 1646 in Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. (S23). He was married to Mary GILBERT on 21 June 1673 in Hartford, Hartford County, Connectiut. He died on 14 July 1730 in Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
  6. William HOLTON. Born (about 1644-S22). He married Sarah MARSHFIELD on 22 November 1676 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA. He died in DEC 1711.
  7. Rachel HOLTON. Born (in 1640-S11)(about 1645-S22)(about 1650) in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. She married (1) Thomas STRONG on 10 Oct 1671 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA. Children were: Joseph STRONG, Benjamin STRONG, Adino STRONG, Waitstill STRONG, Rachel STRONG, Selah STRONG, Benajah STRONG, Ephraim STRONG, Elnathan STRONG. She married (2) Nathan BRADLEY on 16 May 1698 in (Guilford, New Haven Co., CT)(in Northampton-S11). She died in 1714.
  8. Thomas HOLTON. Born in 1647. He died on 14 Mar 1675/76.


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Will of William Bourchier, of Barnesley, co. Glouc., Esquire, dated 20 March, 1621, 19 James 1. Proved in P.C.C. 14 May 1623. (Swan, fo. 38.)

My manors of Barnsley, Little Farington and Bois and all such lands as are contained in an Indenture made by me 6 June 1612, between me and Susan my wife of the one part, Richard Browne of Shingleton, co. Kent, Esq., and Sir Humphrey Winche, Knt one of the Judges of the Court of C. P., of the second part, Walter Bourchier my eldest son and Mary one of the daughters of the said Richd Browne, and now wife of my said son Walter of the third part, to go and remain according to the limitations of the said Ind're, viz., to my son Walter, etc. . . . . . . I have surrendered my place [as clerk] in the office [i.e., of Remembrancer of the Court of Exchequer] to my son Anthony and he is to have the parsonage of Cirencester and an annuity of 20 out of my houses in Little Wood St. in the parish of St. Alban's, London, which I purchased of John Marten and Margery his wife. "To my daughter Glanville a little gilt bowle now remaining at London marked with a 'G' in the bottom." To my sister Forster 10, and to my brother her husband a suite of black stuff. To the poor of Barnesley, Cirencester, Little St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield, London, 40s. each parish. To my three sons in law for a remembrance of me a cup or ring of 5 value. To my godson William Glanville a bowie or cup of 3 price. He was one of the Secondaries of the Court of Exch, temp. Jac. I. Testator had grant from the Crown of the manor of "Bardesleigh," 4 Jac. I. Orig. 8a par. rot. 21. -- Add. MS. (Brit. Mus.) 6381, f. 154. Confirmation of Letters Patent of same passed 4 Jac. I. -- 'Index to Journals of the H. of Lords,' Vol. II. __


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"IPSWICH. A Note of all the names and ages of all those which did not take the oath of allegience or supremacy, being under age, shipped in our port in the Francis, of Ipswich. Mr. JOHN CUTTING bound for New England, the last day of April, 1634" are as follows:

WILL WESTWOOD John Lea, aged 13 years Grace Newell, aged 13 ROBERT ROSE John Rose, aged 15 years Robert Rose, aged 15 years Eliz. Rose, aged 13 years Mary Rose, aged 11 years Samuell Rose, aged 9 years Sarah Rose, aged 7 years Danyell Rose, aged 3 years Darcas Rose, aged 2 years WILL FREEBOURN Mary Freebourne, aged 7 years Sarah Freebourne, aged 2 years John Aldburgh, aged 14 years JNO. BERNARD Fayth Newell, aged 14 years Henry Howard, aged 7 years ABRAHA. NEWELL Abraham Newell, aged 8 years John Newell, aged 5 years Isaac Newell, aged 2 years EDWARD BUGBY Sara Bugbie, aged 4 years JOHN PEASE Faith Clarke, aged 15 years Robert Pease, aged 3 years Darcas Greene, aged 15 years ROWLAND STEBING Thomas Stebing aged 14 years. Sarah Stebing aged 11, Eliz. Stebing aged 6, John Stebing aged 8 and Mary Winche aged 15. MARY BLOSSE Richard Blosse, aged 11 years THOMAS SHERWOOD Anna Sherwood, aged 14 years Rose Sherwood, aged 11 years Thomas Sherwood, aged 10 years Rebecca Sherwood, aged 9 years ROBERT COOE John Cooe, aged 8 years Robert Cooe, aged 7 years Benjamin Cooe, aged 5 years RICH. PEPPER Mary Pepy, aged 3 and half Stephen Beckett, aged 11 years ELIZ. HAMOND Eliz. Hamond, aged 15 years Sarah Hamond, aged 10 years John Hamond, aged 7 years