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(Sir) Thomas Home of Home and Nicola Pepdie, Heiress of Dunglass

(Sir) Thomas Home
Born about 1355 at Home, Berwickshire, Scotland; son of (Sir) John Home and Ada Dunbar. (S1).

Sir Thomas Home acquired the barony of Dunglas in East Lothian by marriage with Nichola, the heiress of the ancient family of Pepdie. (S1).

He died in 1427 at Dunglas, Berwickshire, Scotland. (S1).

Nicola Pepdie, Heiress of Dunglass.

CHILDREN of (Sir) Thomas Home and Nicola Pepdie:
  1. Alexander Home He married Janet de la Hay.
  2. Elizabeth Home;
  3. (Sir) David Home, 1st of Wedderburn;
  4. Patrick Home.
  5. (daughter) Home. She married John Oliphant.