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John B. Howard and Deborah

Born in February 1780 in New Jersey. (S15).

One record (S18) gives a defininte brith date of 26 March 1784 in White Horse, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, but does not give a source for this information.

A review of known records, to derive his birth, gives:
1810 Census - 1785-1794
1820 Census - 1776-1794
1830 Census - 1781-1790
1840 Census - 1781-1790
1850 Census - 1784
Gravestone - February 1780

The 1850 census is obviously where most researchers derive the 1784 birthyear for John, as well as the birth location of New Jersey. I presume that the gravestone is probably the most accurate.

A record of John B. Howard is found in the 1810 Census in Franklin, Virginia. (S21):
< 10 2 [born 1800-1810].
10-16 0
16-25 1 [born 1785-1794].
25-44 0
44 > 0
< 10 0
10-16 0
16-25 0
25-44 2 [born 1785-1794].
44 > 0

It is not clear that this 1810 census record is our ancestor, the same John B. Howard.

From Wikipedia, there are two possiblities for Franklin, Virginia; Franklin City or Franklin County:
1) Franklin is an independent city in Virginia, located within Southampton County. During the 17th century, shortly after establishment of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, English settlers explored and began settling the areas adjacent to Hampton Roads. In 1634, the English colony of Virginia was divided into eight shires (or counties) with a total population of approximately 5,000 inhabitants. Most of Southampton County was originally part of Warrosquyoake Shire. The shires were soon to be called counties. Warrosquyoake Shire was renamed Isle of Wight County in 1637. In 1749, the portion of Isle of Wight County west of the Blackwater River became Southampton County.
2) Franklin County is a county located in the Blue Ridge foothills of Virginia. The county was formed in 1785 from parts of Bedford and Henry counties. Its county seat is Rocky Mount. The Roanoke River forms its northeast boundary with Bedford County.

If this is Franklin City, it seems more questionable, and out of a natural progression path from New Jersey. If this is Franklin County, it is more reasonable, and not too distant from Montgomery County where they later appear. But it is most probable that this record is of Franklin city.

A greater issue is the fact that the two children listed here are both boys, and the boys that we have on record were born later. It is also not clear who the second female in the family might be. Another question is that the females appear in an older age bracket than the male, whereas from other census records Deborah is known to be younger than John, not older.

A revew of the ages in the 1810 Census shows the two boys at under 10 years, John B. at probably in his early twenties, and two females at least slightly older. My guess is, if this is the correct John B. Howard, is that this record shows John B Howard as the head of household because he is the only male of an eligible age in the home. The females are probably his mother, closer to the age 44, and a sister, in her late 20's, and the two young boys could be young siblings of John, or children of the sister. This then would show John B. as not yet married.

From the fact that this is probably Franklin City, and given the ages of the children and females, I question that this is even the same John B. Howard.

He married Deborah about 1812 (before 1818-S6)(about 1820-S1). If the birth of daughter Mahala is correct, they must have been married by about 1812. They could have been married in Montgomery County, Virginia; but my guess is that they were married in New Jersey, prior to their migration to Virginia.

They were in Montgomery County, Virginia at least by 1820 when he bought land on Brush Creek, on the Little River near Christianburg. John was in the Census there in 1820 and 1830. (S11).

The Little River, a tributary of the New River, is approximately 65 miles long in southwest Virginia in the United States. It rises in two forks in Floyd County near the Blue Ridge Parkway. It flows NNW along the Floyd/Montgomery County line and then along the Pulaski/Montgomery County line and joins the New River just downstream from the Claytor Lake dam near the city of Radford. (S13). Brush Creek is about 10 miles south east of Christiansburg.

John Howard is in the 1820 Census in Blacksburg, Montgomery County, Virginia.
One male under 10.
One male age 26 to 44. [1776-1794].
Three females under 10.
One female age 26 to 44. (S12). [1776-1794].
Note that Blacksburg is on the other side of Christiansburg from where John first bought property.

1830 Census, Blacksburg, Montgomery County, Virginia:
One male under 5.
One male 5 to 9.
One male 10 to 14.
One male 40 to 49. [1781-1790].
One female under 5.
One female 5 to 9.
One female 10 to 14.
two femalesa 15 to 19.
One female 30 to 39. (S16). [1800-1791].

Sometime between 1830 and 1835, the family moved to Ross County, Ohio, where their daughter Sarah HOWARD married Richard RATLIFF (brother of Anderson) on 13 August 1835. (S11).

In 1839 John B. sold the land in Ross County, Ohio and moved to Stark County Illinois, where he and other members of his family were in the Census in 1840. (S11,S14). It further appears from the marriages of the children that they had moved to Stark County, Illinois by 1840.

1840 Census, Stark County, Illinois, J. B. Howard:
One male under 5.
One male 10 to 14.
One male 15 to 19.
One male 50 to 59. [1781-1790].
One female 10 to 14.
One female 20 to 29.
One female 40 to 49. (S14). [1791-1800].

1850 Census, Stark County, Illinois:
John B. Howard. age 66. Born in New Jersey.
Deborh Howard. age 55.
William Howard. age 20. (S15).

He died on 5 August 1856 in Stark County, Illinois; and was buried in the Sheets Cemetery, Stark County, Illinois. The gravestone says he died at age 76 years and 6 months. (S20).

Born 16 November 1795 (in Virginia or New Jersey-S6).

Note: the gravestone of son John W. Howard says he is the son of J.B & D. Howard, indicating that her correct name most likely is Deborah. (S20).

She married John B. HOWARD about 1812. This is calculated from the birth of daughter Mihala.

After John B. Howard died in 1856, Deborah is found in the census record in the household of son David.

In the 1860 Census she is in the household of son David and Thankful:
Name: Deborah Howard
Age in 1860: 63
Birth Year: abt 1797
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1860: Henry, Marshall, Illinois
Gender: Female
Post Office: Henry
Household Members: Name, Age
David Howard 36
Thankful Howard 28
Emanuel Howard 12
Wm Howard 10
Jas Howard 7
Lewis Howard 6
Mary Howard 4
Allie Howard 4/12
Deborah Howard 63
E Elston 26
Jas Elston 18

In the 1870 Census she is still in the household of son David and Thankful:
Name: Deborah Howard Age in 1870: 76 Birth Year: abt 1794
Birthplace: Virginia
Home in 1870: Prairie, Randolph, Missouri
Race: White
Gender: Female
Post Office: Moberly
Household Members: Name, Age
David Howard 46
Thankful A Howard 37
Wm W Howard 20
James E Howard 18
Louis O Howard 16
Mary E Howard 13
Elisha A Howard 10
W Pamelia Howard 8
Sarah M Howard 6
David S Howard 4
Thankful A Howard 7/12
Deborah Howard 76
Amanda Hardenbrooks 22
Martha E Hardenbrooks 5/12

She died on 2 February 1876 in Lagonda, Bee Branch Township, Chariton County, Missiouri. (S9).

It appears that she stayed in the Macon County and Chariton County area with her son William when son David moved to Harrison County, Missouri; though her grave is not listed in the same cemetery as William and his wife. (S17).

CHILDREN of John B. HOWARD and Deborah:
  1. Mahala HOWARD. (Mihala). Born about 1810-1813 in Montgomery County, Virginia. She married (1) Anderson B. RATLIFF, son of Moses Ratliff, on 12 September 1831 in Montgomery County, Virginia. She married (2) Joel THURSTON (1804-1861) on 19 June 1847 in Stark County, Illinois. In July 1855 they were living in Kickapoo, Peoria County, Illinois. In the 1860 Census they are living in Richwoods, Peoria, Illinois. When Joel died in Peoria, Illinois in 1861-1862, Mahala disappeared.
  2. Sarah Ann HOWARD. Born possibly about 1815 in Virginia. She married Richard RATLIFF (brother of Anderson) on 13 August 1835 in Ross County, Ohio. The marrige record lists his name spelling as Ratcliff (S23), but otherwise it is spelled Ratliff. They resided in Hallock and Chillicothe, Peoria County, Illinois.
  3. Mary HOWARD. Born about 1818 (in Virginia-S6). Married (1) Everett ELSTON on 5 July 1840 in Stark County, Illinois. She married (2) William RATCLIFF. They moved to Bethany, Harrison County, Missouri about 1858 to 1863. She was listed in the 1880 census as a widow, age 62, living with her brother David and his wife Thankful. She died in Hamilton Township, Bethany, Harrison County, Missouri.
  4. David William HOWARD. [Familytree]. (David Crocektt William Howard). Born on 4 June 1824 in Virginia. He married Thankful Almina ELSTON on 18 March 1847 in Tulon, Stark County, Illinois. They moved to Macon County, Missouri between 1864 and 1867. They moved to Hamilton Township, Harrison County, Missouri by 1877. He died on 29 November 1883 in in Hamilton Township, Harrison County, Missouri.
  5. Ellenden (Ellen) HOWARD. Born about 1826 in Virginia. She married John LEWIS (Louis-S10) on 13 April 1845 in Stark County, Illinois, by James Holgate, J. P. They are possibly the Ellen and John Lewis in the 1880 Census in Cople, Westmoreland, Virginia.
  6. Hannah HOWARD. Born about 1825-1830 in Virginia.
  7. William Lockwood HOWARD. Born 6 July 1829 in (Montgomery County)(Wythe County-S17), Virginia. He married Susan Frances WRIGHT on 26 September 1850 in Stark County, Illinois. They were married by James Holgate, J. P. (S8,S10). They are in West Jersey Township, Stark County, Illinois in the 1860 Census, when they have four sons. They moved to Chariton County, Missouri between 1860 and 1863. He died 14 June 1909 at Logonda, Chariton County, Missouri, and is buried in the Johnson Cemetery, Loganda, Bee Branch Township, Chariton county, Missouri. Susan died on 14 April 1885, and is buried in the Johnson Cemetery in Loganda.
  8. John W. HOWARD. Born (about 1835-1840 in Virginia)(on 4 June 1837-S20). He must have been born in Ross County, Ohio. He died on 11 November 1840, age 3 years, 5 months, and 7 days; and is buried in the Sheets Cemetery, Stark County, Illinois. (S20).



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