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William Howard and Jane

William HOWARD.
Born (about 1732-S4).

He is sometimes equated with the William Howard who married Hannah Psalter. This is incorrect. The William Howard who married Hannah Psalter was born in England, emigrated to New York, and only later settled in Virginia.

William was of Albemarle County, Virginia. Albemarle County was created in 1744 from the western portion of Goochland County. The county was partitioned in 1761, forming Buckingham and Amherst counties, at which time the county seat was moved from the formerly central Scottsville to a piece of newly central land, christened Charlottesville. In 1777, Albemarle County was again divided and Fluvanna County established, finalizing the boundaries of modern Albemarle County.

Goochland County was founded in 1728 as the first county formed from Henrico shire. Goochland originally included all of the land from Tuckahoe Creek, on both sides of the James River, west as far as the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is thus possible that the first records of William Howard's family will be found in Goochland County records.

Allen Howard was one of the first settlers of Albemarle County, where he laid out the town of Howardsville near his home place on the James River. His estate was at the mouth of the Rockfish River where the town of Howardsville later developed. There in 1744 he began construction of a “great house” called West Cote, today known as Summer Hill. By the time of his death in 1761 Howard’s will, recorded in Goochland County, not Albemarle, reveals that he was master of six large plantations along the James River. He married Elizabeth. Children identified in Allen Howard’s will, are sons Benjamin, William and John and daughters Ann, Rebecca and Elizabeth. In his will, son John was to inherit “the tract whereon they lived in Goochland County” on James River. In 1764 John married Mary Preston. (S5).

He married Jane.

There is a William Howard Jr. in Albemarle County in 1790 in U.S. Census Reconstructed Records: (S7).
Name: William Howard Jr
Gender: M (Male)
State: Virginia
County: Albemarle County
Town: St Anne's Parish
Residence Year: 1790
Household Remarks: "Dates Receiving lists from Individuls": [May] 6; "No. of white Males abo. 16": 1; "No. of Negros Abo. 16": 4; "No. of Negroes Between 12 & 16": 0; "No. of Horses": 2; "Chariot Wheels": 0; "Pheaton Wh

In 1791 he was living in Albemarle County, Virginia.

There is a William Howard Sr. in Albemarle County in 1799-1800 in U.S. Census Reconstructed Records: (S7).
Name: William Howard Sr.
Gender: M (Male)
Remarks: "Est" is written on the right side of his name.
State: Virginia
County: Albemarle County
Residence Year: 1800
Household Remarks: 1799, "No. of free males above 16": 0; "No. of Blacks above 16": 1; "No. of do.[blacks] between 12 & 16": 0; Horses: 0; "Coachces": 0; "riding chairs": 0.

Compare these HOWARDs with the family of David William HOWARD [F54] who is connected to the HENTZE family. Since they are both from Virginia, they could be related.

Her name is given in the records as Jane HOWARD, but it is not clear if this is her married name or her maiden name.

CHILDREN of William HOWARD and Jane:
  1. Elizabeth HOWARD. Born (6 June 1760-S?)(6 June 1770-S?), probably in Albemarle County, Virginia. She married Jesse STOVALL on 12 December 1791 in Powhatan County, Virginia. She died 10 MAY 1835 in Green County, Kentucky.