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John Hoyt and Mary Barnes

[F7836]. John HOYT.
Born about 1638 (based on a 29 Sep 1684 deposition that he was about 46-S2); son of (Sgt) John HOYT [(F7830)] and Francis (TUXBURY?)[F7831].

He married Mary BARNES [F7837] on 23 JUN 1659 in Salisbury.

John was dismissed from all training until cured of his infirmity on 26 Mar 1667. (S2).

John took the oath of fidelity on 26 Mar 1667. On the same date, having been chosen by the town of Salisbury to keep the ordinary, he was licensed to sell wine and strong waters for the next year. His license was renewed on 31 Mar 1668 [Ref, 4;24] and on 13 Apr 1669. He was on the trial jury on 9 Oct 1667. (S2).

He died (13 AUG 1696-S1)(24 August 1691-S2) in Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

[F7837]. Mary BARNES.
Daughter of William BARNES [F15630] and Rachel LORD [F15631].

CHILDREN of John HOYT [F7836] and Mary BARNES [F7837]:
  1. [F3918]. William HOYT. Born on 5 Sep 1660 in Salisbury. He married Dorothy COLBY [F3919] on 12 Jan 1687-1688 in Amesbury.
  2. Elizabeth Hoyt was born on 8 Feb 1661/2 in Salisbury. She married Joseph Lankester, Jr. on 31 Mar 1687 in Amesbury.
  3. John Hoyt was born on 28 Mar 1663 in Salisbury.
  4. Mary Hoyt was born on 11 Oct 1664 in Salisbury.
  5. Joseph Hoyt was born on 14 Jul 1666 in Salisbury. He married Dorothy Wathen on 5 Oct 1702 in Amesbury. Dorothy, the daughter of Ezekiel and Hannah (Martin) Wathen, was born about 1680, probably in Amesbury. He died intestate before 2 May 1720, when administration on his estate was granted to his widow. She married second Daniel Flanders after 24 Oct 1724 (int.) in Amesbury.
  6. Hannah Hoyt was born on 28 (8) 1666 [!] in Salisbury.
  7. Rachel Hunt was born on 28 Jun 1670 in Amesbury. She married Joseph Weed on 29 Nov 1693 in Amesbury.
  8. Dorothy Hoyt. Born in 1674. She married Nathaniel Loivejoy. She died on 17 May 1714 in Andover.
  9. 9.Grace Hoyt. Born on 29 Mar 1676 in Amesbury.