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John HUTCHINS and Frances ALCOCK

C.E. Banks, in the publication The Planters of the Commonwealth (pp.198-200) indicated that in 1638 the ship Bevis sailed for New England carrying two of the Dummer brothers, whose servants included John Hutchinson, carpenter, [aged] 30, and Francis Alcock, [aged] 26. This record states that the Dummers were from Bishopstoke, Hants., and Colonel Banks states that they settled in Newbury, Massachusetts. John Hutchins settled there also before 1640 (Newbury Vital Records). He and his wife Frances are named as early as 1642 in the Essex Court Records. (S2). It is thought that Francis of the ship Bevis is Frances, the wife of John; and that John Hutchinson of the Bevis is in reality John Hutchins. (S2).

He married Francis (S1) ALCOCK. (S2).

As noted, John and Frances first settled in Newbury. (S2).

They moved to Haverhill about 1661. His principle occupation was as a carpenter, although there are records that he also fished the Merrimack River, had a partnership in a sawmill, and did some farming. John may have been the first one in Haverhill to have servants; they included Elizabeth Shaw and an Indian named Hopewell. So this was a respectable family of some means. (S1).

John was Selectman in 1669-70; Constable in 1663-4, and built the first church in town. (S1).

His heirs received a grant of land in Narragansett Township, No. 3, (now Amherst, N. H.,) for services performed in King Philip’s War. He removed to Haverhill, Mass., and died there Feb 6, 1685, aged 77. . His will was probated Mar 30, 1686. (S1).

Frances ALCOCK.
She married John HUTCHINS.

She was brought before the Court in 1653 for wearing a silk hood, but “upon testimony of her being brought up above the ordinary way,” she was discharged. (S1).

Frances was arrested in 1692 for being a witch, but was never tried. She was 80 when accused and spent 124 days in a dungeon. Her sister was also accused and died in prison. (S1).

Francis died (the next spring after her release-S1)(Frances died Apr 5, 1694, aged 84-S?).

  1. Elizabeth HUTCHINS. [Ancestors]. Born probably about 1638, and probably in Newbury, Massachusetts. She married Thomas AYER.
  2. William Hutchins. He married ? in 1661. (S2).
  3. Joseph Hutchins. Born in 1640. (S2). did he die that same year?
  4. Joseph Hutchins. Born in 1641. (S2).
  5. Thomas Hutchins. He was granted fishing rights in 1657. (S2).
  6. Benjamin Hutchins. (S2).


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