Thomas Hyatt and Elizabeth Russell

Thomas HYATT. [PC M2-11].
Said to have been born 20 SEP 1618 (S4) at Upway, Dorset, England; but this is probably in error from attempts to connect Thomas to Simon Hoyt and Deborah Stowers. Note that the parents of Thomas Hyatt are not Simon Hoyt and Deborah Stowers as is sometimes claimed. The well known book, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620–1633, by Robert Charles Anderson, vol I–III found on the web site of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society, contains a detailed account of the family of Simon and Deborah (Stowers) Hoyt. It does not include a son named Thomas, and all of the children are surnamed Hoyt, not Hyatt. (S4, S5). Paul Prindle in 1976 [Gillespie Anc 287] lists some records for Simon Hoyt, but they actually pertain to Thomas Hyatt of Stamford [Gillespie Anc 290; FOOF 1:318]. To add to the confusion, probate documents for Simon Hoyt and Thomas Hyatt are mixed together on the same pages of the Stamford records [TAG 11:34]. (S4).

He married Elizabeth RUSSELL.

On December 7, 1641, Thomas Hyatt received the grant of a house lot at Stamford. (S4).

The NEHGR, vol. 21, p. 338 (footnote), includes the will of John Russell. It contains: "Halfe of my estate I give to the church of Dorchester, and halfe to my brothers, Henry Russell and Thomas Hyatt, except..."

He died on 9 SEP 1656 at Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. (S2, S3, S4). The inventory of his estate was not presented until June 16, 1662. (S4).

Elizabeth RUSSELL. [PC M2-11].
Born about 1622 (in 1622-S2) at Upway, Dorchester, Dorset, England. (S2); daughter of John RUSSELL [F4266]. She was christened 2 JUN 1622 at Netherbury, Dorset, England. (S2). She married (1) Thomas HYATT. (S2). He died in 1656. She married (2) Cornelius Jones (S2, S3) on 6 OCT 1657. (S4).

CHILDREN of Thomas HYATT and Elizabeth RUSSELL:
  1. Caleb Hyatt was born in Stamford in ca. 1642-1644. On December 23, 1661, he gave his father-in-law Jones a receipt for his portion of his father's estate. In 1678 he bought house and property of Joseph Purdy in Rye NY. Died about 1686.
  2. Ruth Hyatt was born in Stamford in ca. 1646. She married before 9 Feb 1667 John Westcott born 1641 Wethersfield CT; son of Richard Westcott and Joanna (unknown).
  3. Deborah Hyatt. She was born in ca. 1648. Deborah married 24 Oct 1672 Moses Jackson born 1646 Fairfield CT; died 13 Nov 1712; son of Henry Jackson and Mary Abbott. She died in Stratfield, Connecticut, before 1680.
  4. John Hyatt was born in Stamford in ca. 1645-1648. John sold land in 1668. He married Mary Jones in 1669. She was the daughter of his mother's second husband, Cornelius Jones. They moved to Rye between 1680 and 1683, and then moved to Yonkers before 1689, when he gave a final discharge to his father-in-law Jones.
  5. [F1066]. Thomas HYATT. [PC M2-11]. Born 28 MAR 1650 in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He was in Norwalk, Connecticut, by 1671. On October 21, 1674, he received his portion of his father's estate. He received land from the town in 1677 for service as a soldier in King Philip's War. He married Mary St. John in Norwalk on November 10, 1677, daughter of Matthias St. John. Their name was usually spelled Sention before 1700. He died on 28 Mar 1698 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut.
  6. Rebecca Hyatt was born in Stamford in ca. 1652. Rebecca married 13 Nov 1678 Thomas Hine Jr. born 31 Oct 1653 Milford CT; died there 17 Jan 1741/2; son of Thomas Hine and Elizabeth (unknown). Rebecca died in 1684.