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Idwal Iwrch ap Cadwaladr

Idwal Iwrch ap Cadwaladr. (Idwal Iwrch)((English: Idwal the Roebuck)(Idwal ap Cadwaladr).
Son of Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon.

Idwal Iwrch is a figure in the genealogies of the kings of Gwynedd. He was the son of King Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon (reigned c. 655 682) and the father of King Rhodri Molwynog (died 754). The records of this era are scanty, and Idwal's name appears only in the pedigrees of later kings and in a prophecy found in two 14th-century Welsh manuscripts, which says that he will succeed his father Cadwaladr as king.

The only mention of Idwal Iwrch in the historical record is the appearance of his name in genealogies such as those from Jesus College MS. 20 (as the father of "Rhodri Molwynog son of Idwal Iwrch son of Cadwaladr Fendigiad") and the Harleian genealogies (as the father of "Rotri son of Intguaul son of Catgualart"). John Davies' History of Wales does not mention Idwal, while John Edward Lloyd's History says only that Idwal was Rhodri Molwynog's father.

The King of Gwynedd during Idwal's lifetime is not known, and while he is one of the most likely candidates (because he was both the son of a king and the father of a king), there is no sufficiently reliable basis to either assert or deny it.

Idwal's name appears in the Dialogue between Myrddin and his sister Gwenddydd (Welsh: Cyfoesi Myrddin a Gwenddydd ei chwaer), a Middle Welsh vaticinatory poem whose text is preserved in two medieval Welsh manuscripts, Peniarth 3 (c. 1300) and the Red Book of Hergest (c. 1380-1410).[5] In the text's question-answer form, a succession of "future" kings is prophesied, with Idwal among them. This succession agrees with the historical genealogies from father to son, but does not agree with the known royal succession.


CHILDREN of Idwal Iwrch ap Cadwaladr:
  1. Rhodri Molwynog ap Idwal. King of Gwynedd.


Idwal Iwrch ap Cadwaladr
Rhodri Molwynog ap Idwal
Cynan Dindaethwy ap Rhodri
Ethyllt ferch Cynan married Gwriad ap Elidyr
Merfyn Frych
           Rhodri Mawr (The Great) married Angharad ferch Meurig
    |                                                                    |
Cadell ap Rhodi                                              Anarawd ap Rhodri, King of Gwynedd     
Hywel Dda and Elen ferch Llywarch
Angharad ferch Hywel Dda and Tudor Trevor
Dyngad ap Tudor Trevor and Sissely 
Rhiwallon ap Dyngad. 
Caragdog ap Rhiwallon. 
Breichiol ap Caradog. 
Pyll ap Breichiol (c1060-?).
Meurig ap Pyll (c1095-?). 
Caradog of Penrhos. (c1125-?). 
Iorwerth ap Caradog and Alis ferch Bleddyn. (c1160-?).
Adam Gwent and (miss) de Seymour
John ap Adam  (Adam Fynchan)
(Sir) John ap Adam and Elizabeth de Gournay
(Sir) Thomas ap Adam and Joan Inge
William ap Adam
John ap Adam
Thomas ap Adam
John ap Adam
(Sir) John ap Adams  (He added the "s" to the name, and so his descendants use Adams instead of Adam)
Roger Adams
Thomas Adams
John Adams
John Adams
John Adams
Richard Adams and Margaret Armager
Robert Adams and Elizabeth Sharlon
Robert Adams and Eleanor Wilmot
Elizabeth Adams and Edward Phelps
Samuel Phelps and Sarah Chandler
John Phelps and Sarah Andrews
John Phelps and Deborah Lovejoy
Samuel Phelps and Margaret Nevins
Ebenezer Ferrin and Lydia Phelps
Samuel Ferrin and Sally Clotilda Powell
Lydia Powell Ferrin and George William Washington Williams
George William Williams and Harriett Thurston
Minnie Williams and Clive Vernon Tenney
Mildred Ella Tenney and Glenn Russell Handy
Deborah Lee Handy and Rodney Allen Morris