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Judicael Berengar and Gerberga

Judicael Berengar
Judicael alias Berengar was Count of Rennes in the mid-to-late 10th century. There are conflicting accounts of his parentage, one popular solution making him son and successor to a count Berenger (sometimes identified with Berengar of Rennes, sometimes with that man's supposed maternal grandson of the same name) by a daughter of Gurvand, Duke of Brittany. However, an 11th century collection of Angevin genealogies shows him to be son of Pascweten, son of Alan I, King of Brittany.

He is first documented as a Count in 944. He witnessed charters of Alan II, Duke of Brittany, and on the latter's death apparently fell under the control of Wicohen, Archbishop of Dol. Later sources report the rescue of Judicael and his wife by his son Conan I. He appears to have been dead by 979, when his son was at the court of Odo I, Count of Blois.


CHILDREN of Judicael Berengar and Gerberga
  1. CONAN I, Duke of Bretagne