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Hans Ulrich Kunzler and Elsbeth Brassel

Hans Ulrich KUNZLER. [How are we Related].
Born 16 DEC 1775 at St. Margrethen, St. Gallen Canton, Switzerland; son of Jakob KUNZLER and Dorothea KUNZLER.
,br> He married Elsbeth BRASSEL on (17 January 1804-S3)(December 1821-S?).

He died on 20 March 1850.

Elsbeth (Elsbetha-S1) (Elizabetha-S2) BRASSEL.
Born on 10 May 1779 in St. Margrethen, St. Gallen Canton, Switzerland; daughter of George BRASSEL [F150] and Anna HALTER [F151].

She married Hans Ulrich KUNZLER on (17 January 1804-S3)(December 1821-S?).

She died (20 September 1855-S3)(1817-S2).

CHILDREN of Hans Ulrich KUNZLER [F74] and Elsbeth BRASSEL [F75]:
  1. Maria Elizabeth Barbara KUNZLER. She was born (24-S1, S2)(25-S4)(26-S1, S3) December 1822 at St. Margrethen, St. Gallen, Switzerland. She married Hans Jacob KUNZLER on 6 FEB 1844. She died 3 October 1889 (1898-S?) at Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete County, Utah.