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Locrinus ap Brutus and Gwendolen

LOCRINUS ap Brutus. (Loegres).
Son of BRUTUS ap Sylvius.

As soon as Locrinus heard the news of the death of his brother Albanactus, he persuaded his brother Kamber to join him in an alliance. Locrinus called up all the young men of his country and went out to meet Humber, King of the Huns somewhere near the river which is now called the Humber. When the two forces made contact, Locrinus forced Humber to flee. Humber retreated as far as the river and was then drowned beneath its waters, giving his name to the stream. Once he had gained victory, Locrinus distributed the spoils of the enemy among his allies, keeping back nothing for himself except the gold and silver which he found on board their ships. He married Gwendolen daughter of Corineus, companion of Brutus. He took Estrildis to his bed, daughter of the king of Germany brought captive by Humber.

Albanactus took the region that is now called Scotland. Humber, the King of the Huns, landed in Albany. He met Albanactus in battle, killed him and forced the people of his country to flee to Locrinus.

Locrinus was a legendary king of the Britons, as recounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was the oldest son of Brutus and a descendant of the Trojans through Aeneas. Following Brutus's death, Britain was divided amongst the three sons, with Locrinus receiving the portion roughly equivalent to England, Albanactus receiving Scotland (Albany), and Kamber receiving Wales (Cymru). He ruled a portion of Britain called Loegria, named after him, which is roughly the boundaries of modern-day England. He reigned 10 years, most of which were peaceful. (S1).

He avenged his brother Albanactus's death at the hands of Humber the Hun by allying with his other brother, Kamber, and fighting Humber to the banks of a river where he drowned. The river was named Humber after this battle. Locrinus divided up the spoils of war with his allies, only keeping gold and silver found on their ships for himself. He also took the daughter of the king of the Germans, Estrildis, whom the Huns had captured. This angered Corineus, an ally of his father Brutus, who had arranged a marriage between Locrinus and his own daughter, Queen Gwendolen. Locrinus submitted and married Gwendolen but still secretly loved Estrildis, whom he locked in a cave beneath Trinovantum (London) for seven years. (S1).

Locrinus became the father of a girl, Habren, by Estrildis, and a boy, Maddan [Madog], by Gwendolen. Soon after Maddan's birth, Locrinus sent him off to Corineus, the child's grandfather. When Corineus finally died, Locrinus left Gwendolen and took Estrildis as his queen. Gwendolen went to Cornwall and assembled an army to harass Locrinus. The two armies met near the River Stour and there Locrinus was killed. His wife, Gwendolen, ruled after his death. (S1).

WIFE (1):
Daughter of Corineus, companion of Brutus.

CHILDREN of LOCRINUS ap Brutus and Gwendolen:
  1. Madog of the BRITONS. (Madden) Born about 1000BC. Father of Mymbyr ap Madog, King of Britons. He died about 1026BC.

WIFE (2):
Daughter of the king of the Germans.

CHILDREN of LOCRINUS ap Brutus and Estrildis:
  1. Habren. (Habren verch Loegres).


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Locrinus ap Brutus
Madog of the Brittans (Madden) (c1000BC-c1026BC)
Mymbyr ap Madog, King of Britons (Mempricius)
Efrawg Gadarn ap Mymbyr  //  or  //  Ebraucus
Brutus Greenshield  (Brutus Darian Las)
Rud Hud Hudibras (Run baladr bras)
Bladud (Blaiddyd)
Leir (King Lear)
Leir was said to have been the end of Brutus's male line of descent, siring three daughters: Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. As he neared his death, he divided his kingdom among his three daughters. Goneril and Regan flattered their father and, at the advice of Leir's nobles, were married off to the Dukes of Albany and Cornwall, respectively. Cordelia, despite being her father's favourite, refused to flatter the king, feeling that he should not need special assurances of her love, and was given no land to rule. King Aganippus of the Franks courted and married Cordelia, despite Leir refusing to pay a dowry. Leir then gave Goneril and Regan half of his kingdom, planning to bequeath them the remainder at his death; instead, his sons-in-law rebelled and seized the whole of the kingdom. Duke Maglaurus of Albany, Goneril's husband, maintained Leir with a retinue of 60 knights, but his wife reduced this by half after two years. Leir then fled to Regan, who reduced his entourage to only five men. Returning to Albany and pleading with Goneril, Leir was left with a single knight for protection.
  |                               |                          |
Goneril                         Regan                    Cordelia
md Duke Maglaurus of Albany     md Duke Henwinus of Cornwall  md King Aganippus of the Franks
Marganus               Cunedagius
Gurgustius  (Welsh: Gorust)
Sisillius I
Gorboduc  married Judon
  |                 |
Ferrex    Porrex