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Thomas Marston and Alice Allen

Born about 1495 at Bastwick, Norfolk, England; son of Robert MARSTON and Margaret.

He married Alice (ALLEN?) about 1525 at Reppswith, Bastwick, Norfolk, England. (S1,S2).

He died before 27 March 1549 at Ormesby, Norfolk, England.

Alice (ALLEN?).
Born (in 1500-S1,S3)(about 1500-S2) at (Ormesby-S1,S3)(Repps With, Bastwick-S2), Norfolk, England.

She married Thomas MARSTON (about 1525-S1,S2)(in 1525-S3) at Reppswith, Bastwick, Norfolk, England. (S1,S2).

She died (before-S1)(on-S2,S3) 11 July (1549-S3)(1587-S2) at Ormesby, Norfolk, England. (S1,S2).

CHILDREN of Thomas MARSTON and Alice (ALLEN?):

William Marston, Elizabeth Marston, . SOURCES: