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Hamon de Massey and Eleanor Beaumont

Hamon de MASSEY (Mascy-S10). Baron Of Dunham Massey.
Born in 1100 at Cheadle, Cheshire, England; son of Hamon de MASSEY and Margaret SACIE.

He married Eleanor BEAUMONT about 1124 in Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England.

He died in 1140 at Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England.

Born (about 1100-S19)(in 1100)(about 1102-S4), (Cheshire)(Leicestershire-S18,S19), England; daughter of (probably Robert BEAUMONT and Isabelle de VERMANDOIS-S18,S19)(Robert BEAUMONT and Amice de MONTFORD-S16).

Sources are not clear on who her parents are, and those sources that give the above possible parents do not give documentation.

She died about 1157 (S4).

  1. Hamon MASSEY. (III). Born (in 1129)(about 1120-S10)(about 1133-S19), Dunham Massey, England. He married Agathea de THERAY, daughter of Richard Kyrton.(S9). He founded Birkenhead Abbey ca.1150. He founded Abbey Berkett in Chesire, England. He and his son Robert took the side of King John when the nobles forced King John to sign the Magna Carta in 1215. Later the King was beheaded. Hamon III rebelled against King Henry II and lost some of his lands. Years later lands were returned to the Massey's. (S13). He died (about 1210-1215-S10)(in 1216) in Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England. [ "He founded the Abbey Birkett at Birkenhead in the Wirrall Peninsula of Cheshire. He lived during the later part of the reign of King Stephen, and during the entire reign of King Henry II, Plantagenet which ended in 1189. Hamon III may have been compelled to forfeit several of those original estates granted to the first Hamon by reason of his participation in the 1172 Baronial rebellion against King Henry II. Hamon III operated in opposition to King Henry II from his castle at Ullerwood, just below Knutsford. His activities were undertaken in conjunction with those of Gervaise Psinel, the son-in-law of Ferrers, the Earl of Derby. It was Gervaise who held the fee of Pownell immediately to the East of Knutsford. Barons Hamon III, Geoffrey de Constantine of Stockport, and Richard de Morville at Lauder, seem to have been the leaders of the rebel Lords in Cheshire. In 1173 King Henry II's English Barons overcame Hamon III and the other Cheshire Lords. Hamon III was fined 300 marks; his companion Gervaise Painel, had his stronghold, Dudley Castle, burned to the ground." http://bigelowsociety.com/rod/baguley5.htm. (S6).].
  2. Robert MASSEY. b. Abt 1129, of, Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England. His descendants included the three families: Masseys of Sale, Masseys of Backford and Masseys of Timperley.
  3. John MASSEY. b. Abt 1127, of, Dunham Massey, Cheshire, England. He held in knight's fee the estate of Pontington near Chester. Hamon III gave unto John Massey his brother all the land of Moreton, in Wirrall, Which Mathew De Moreton held, with Houlebate and Haybate in his Demainwood of Bidston, in Wirrall, for the land of Podington, which Robert De Massy his uncle held. (Library o f Congress folder # 258 a).
  4. Agnes de Mascy See Geffrey Dutton & Agnes de Mascy
  5. Sibil de Mascy
  6. Ciceley de Mascy
  7. Agatha de Mascy


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