John Merwin and Isabel Bartlett

Born about 1490, of Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Isabel BARTLETT about 1514. He died after 7 November 1552.
In his will dated 7 Nov 1552, witnessed by John Whitmarshe curate, Anthony Tuly, Henry Rigsted, and Andrew Moorwyn, and proved 6 December 1552, "John Moorwen hole of mynd and sicke of body," bequethed:
my soule in to the hands of allmightie god and my body to be buried in my parishe churche yarde of Agmondesham [Amersham] and to John my godsonne the sonne of Will'm I bequeath a bullocke of ij yere old to Will'm and Alis children to the say'd Will'm eche of them a shepe and to John a forsayd a great coffer. The Resydue of all my goods and lands moveable and unmoveable I bequeth unto my wiffe Issable whome I make my hole executrix and to Joan Moorwyn the wife of Will'm I bequeath a bullocke of this yeres weaning." (S5).

His will was probated on 6 December 1552. (S5).

Born in 1496 at Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England (S3); daughter of William BARTLETT and Katherine. She married John MERWIN about 1514.

"In 1553, about six months after John Merwin's death, his widow, Isabel, and his son and heir, Andrew Merwin of Coleshill, Hertfordshire (a detached piece of Hertfordshire within the parish of Amersham), were involved in a Chancery cross suit for possession of his property, a messuage called Deane Place and land in Amersham.
Isabell Murvyn's answer was that the property had been bequeathed by her mother, Katherine Bartlett, to John Murvyn and herself, the defendant, and their heirs and assigns forever, and that she as survivor was entitled to it. She then complained of Andrew Murvyn, claiming that 'all such evidence muniments and charters concerning the premises as the defendant hath in his custody and possession he keepeth and detaineth for the preservation of his estate.' (S4).

Isabell's will was dated 16 August 1556, witnessed by William Bacheler, Harrye Snell, Thomas Hoppe, and others, was proved 23 January 1556/7. (S4).
Isabell Murren widow of Amersham in the countye of Bucks being of whole mynd & memorye lawdyd be god make & order this my last will & testament in manner & forme as folowethe ffirst I bequeath and commend my soule to allmightye god & to all the holye company of heaven & my bodye to be buryed in the churche yard of Amersham Item. I bequeath to the highe aulter iiijd. Item I give & bequeath to Will'm Raysell of Sainct Gyles Chariot my hous & my lands as heare foloweth ffirst laye croft iij acres & a litell sorey leys bryerlye croft & the litell lote that butteth uppon the same also the orchard that butts uppon bryerlye crofte with delseld & litell croft the orchyard that the house standeth uppon & Rewdells & hollows hobhops croft with the grove Item I bequeath to Thom's Murren my sonne haulf a qr'ter of wheat & ij bushels of malte & my brod pane & a Ewe & a lambe Item I give to his wyf my best kertell & my best smoke an apern & my best shete with a thred on the end Item I give to his children an ewe amongst them All the Resydew of my goods unbequeated my wyll fullfilled & my debts payed I give to Will'm Murren my soone whome I make my trew and faythfull executor & Edward Treadway to be supervisor having for his paynes xxd. (S4).

So she died after 16 August 1556, but before 23 January 1557. [However, note that S4 gives two different decades for when her will was probated. In one place it gives 23 January 1556-1557, and in another place 23 January 1566-1567].

  1. [F17078]. Thomas MERWIN. Born about 1525. He died 4 APR 1586.
  2. Andrew MERWIN. Born about 1515, of Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England. He died before 1 July 1567 at Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England.
  3. William MERWIN. Born about 1520, of Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England. He married Joan.


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