Robert MOULTON. [Familytree].
Born about 1565 at (Ormsby, St. Margaret-S1,S5)(Scratby-S2,S4), Norfolkshire, England; son of Thomas MOULTON and Joanna GREEN. He was christened 5 August 1581 at Thorington, Suffolk, England.(S2).

He married Mary SMYTHE (Smith-S4,S5) on 15 MAY (1595-S4)(1596-S5)(1612-S?) at (Ormsby)(Hemsby-S4,S5), Norfolkshire, England.

Transcript of his will is in NEGHR Oct. 1987. It was dated 8 October 1633 and proved at Norwich on 22 November 1633. Also see NEGHR Vol. 147, pages 129-143 More Thoughts on the Moulton Family.

He died on 8 or 9 October 1633 in Scratby, Norfolkshire, England; and was buried on 11 October 1633 at Scratby, Norfolkshire, England.

Mary SMYTHE (SMITH). [Familytree].
Born about (1575-S5)(1580) in Hemsby, Norfolkshire, England; daughter of Henry SMYTHE.

She married (1) Robert MOULTON on 15 MAY (1595)(1596)(1612) at Ormsby, St. Margaret, Norfolkshire, England. She married (2) William EASTOW on 15 JUL 1623 at Ormesby, Norfolk, England.

She was buried on 27 April 1626 in St. Margaret's, Ormsby, Norfolkshire, England.

CHILDREN of Robert MOULTON [F30276] and Mary SMYTHE [(F15143)]
  1. John MOULTON. [Familytree]. Born in1599 at Scratby, Norfolk, England. He married Anne GREEN on 24 September 1623 at Ormsby, St Margaret, Norfolkshire, England. He died about September 1650 at Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
  2. Bridget MOULTON. b.abt.Sept. 13, 1601 d.Oct. 8, 1633
  3. Henry MOULTON. b.abt. 1605 d.aft.1648
  4. Mary MOULTON. b.abt.1607 d.aft.1648
  5. Elizabeth MOULTON. bapt.June 22, 1610 d.1692 Salem, MA
  6. James MOULTON. d.bef.1636
  7. Thomas MOULTON. Born 16 july 1608 at Great Ormesby, Norfolkshire, England. It is said he was a twin, but to whom is not clear. It is not certain when Thomas left England, but he is thought to have gone first to St. Christopher in 1635, then being twenty years of age, and thence to New England. He settled at Newbury, Massachusetts. He married Martha PAGE in 1638 at Newbury. He moved to Winnacunnet, which became Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire in 1638. He was one of the grantees and first settlers there. He, along with his brother, John MOULTON, Reverend Stephen BACHILER, and others were among the petitioners to whom was granted license by the General Court on 6 SEP 1638 to begin the plantation at Winnacunnet. He had a house lot assigned to him adjoining John MOULTON, and their families lived next door to each other for nearly 20 years. On 22 MAR 1655 he bought of John ALLCOCKE "for fiuety pounds three score and ten Acers up the River of yorke and the full quantitie of Tenn Acers of Fresh Maddow." About the year 1658 he sold his farm in Hampton to Rev. Timothy Dalton and moved to York, Maine. He died in 1703 at Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
  8. Miriam MOULTON. b.Sept. 13, 1601 d.aft.1667
  9. Daniel MOULTON. b.1615 Ormesby, Norfolk, England d.USA (r.Portsmouth, NH 1670)
  10. William MOULTON. b.1617 d.Apr.18, 1664 Hampton, NH m.Margaret Page
  11. Ruth MOULTON. b.abt.1617 d.aft.1637 Hampton, NH


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