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Thomas Moulton and Joanna Green

Born about (1513-S3)(1515) at Ormsby, Norfolkshire, England; son of Robert MOULTON and Margaret WATTES.

He married Joanna GREEN about (1555)(1558-S3) at Scratby, Norfolk, England.

Thomas' will 10 Sept 1587 requests burial in the churchyard of St. Margaret, Ormesby, and states that he is a yeoman. Children known from wills: Robert, William, Mary, and Rebecca. Thomas and his family were of the manor of Scratby in the parish of Ormesby. {S3}.

He died (in 1587)(before 13 October 1587-S3) in Ormsby, Norfolkshire, England;, and was buried on 20 September 1587 at Ormesby, St. Margaret, Norfolkshire, England.

Born about (1532)(about 1535) at Hemsley, Norfolk, England; daughter of Richard GRENE and Mary. (Green-S3).

She died in 1589; and was buried on 30 September 1589 at Hemsley, Norfolk, England

CHILDREN of Thomas Moulton and Joanna Green:
  1. Robert MOULTON Born in 1565 at Scratby, Norfolkshire, England. He married Mary (SMITH-S3)(SMYTHE) on 15 May 1595 at Hemsley, Norfolk, England. He died (9)(11-S3) Oct 1633, at (Hemesby-S3)(Scratby), Norfolk, England; and was buried 11 Oct 1633 at Hemsley, England.
  2. William MOULTON. b. (1566)(1575). He was under age 21 in 1587.
  3. Mary MOULTON. b. (1555)(1560)(about 1575-S3). She married Edward BROUGHTON (BOWTON).
  4. Rebecca MOULTON. b. (1562)(about 1580-S3)(1584) at Ormsby, St. Margaret, Norfolkshire, England. She married Thomas HODGEKYNE on 18 June 1601 at Ormsby, St. Margaret, Norfolkshire, England.
  5. Edmund MOULTON. Born before 1568. {S3}.


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