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Hannah Maria NEWBERRY

[F33]. Hannah Maria NEWBERRY. [PC M2].
Hannah was born 13 MAR 1823 at Strongville, Cuyahoga County, Ohio; daughter of James Abraham NEWBERRY and Mary SMITH. She was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1840, probably at Far West. The family soon moved to Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois.

She married [F32]. George MORRIS on 23 AUG 1843 at Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois. They lived in Nauvoo in a small lean-to which George built. On 13 July 1844 her first child Lavina Newberry MORRIS was born in Nauvoo. In OCT 1844 they moved into a little brick house which George built, located about 1/4 mile northeast of the temple. On 30 JAN 1846 she received her endowments in the Nauvoo Temple.

Because of mob persecution they sold their home in Nauvoo on 21 July 1846 and moved about 12 miles west, across the Mississippi River in Lee County, Iowa where her brothers Abraham and James were living. They cleaned up an old cabin that had been used for a stable. It was located about a mile away from her brothers.

On 28 AUG 1846 her second daughter Julia Ann Morris was born. Hannah was quite ill for a while afterwards. In February or March of 1847 the owner of the cabin they occupied wished them to move. They moved to another cabin, alone by itself in the woods. Because the cabin was so remote, they moved to another "miserable little hut" near a family named Dotey.

They had much illness due to the harshness of the conditions, but the Dotey family helped them. However, the water there was bad so they moved to a cabin owned by a widow lady. On 29 MAR 1848 Hannah's daughter Rosella Morris was born. Again Hannah was quite ill for a while afterwards.

On 1 MAY 1848 they started traveling west again. They went as far as Council Bluffs and stayed for 5 days with Hannah's father. Because there was so much sickness in the area, they decided to move on, even though they didn't yet have an adequate outfit. They moved on to a wagon train organization point on the Elk Horn River. They were able to join a wagon train, even though they were poorly outfitted, and on 22 MAY 1848 they set out for the west. Along the way they forded the Platt River about 22 times. They stopped to rest at the Green River for 10 days.

On the 20th of September 1848 they arrived at the Old Fort in Salt Lake City. They removed the box from the wagon and used it for living quarters. Hannah did her cooking in a room her sister had in the fort. On 5 SEP 1848, they were still sleeping in the wagon bed under a single "ducking" cover when the temperature fell to 33 degrees below zero.

In the Spring of 1849 George built a little house on lot 5, block 104 of the first survey of Salt Lake. This was within the boundaries of the 17th Ward. On 15 MAY 1850 her son George Vernon Morris was born. That year her husband George built a larger home for the growing family. On 17 SEP 1851 their daughter Maria Jane Morris was born.

19 APR 1852 This is a transcription of Hannah Maria Newberry's patriarchcal blessing. It's interesting in that it's all one sentence a full paragraph long.


Great Salt Lake City April 19, 1852
A blessing by John Smith Patriarch upon the head of Hannah M. Morris Daughter of James and Mary Newberry Born March 13 1823 State of Ohio
Beloved Sister In the name of Jesus of Nazareth I place my hands upon they head and seal upon you all the Blessing of the new and everlasting Covenant all that your father would desire you would enjoy thou art a daughter of Ephraim and a lawfull heir to the priesthood which is everlasting which shall be sealed upon you in common with your companion in fullness in due time where you shall be taught mysteries that have been kept hid from before the foundation of the world you shall heal the sick by the prayer of faith and even raise the dead if it be necessary for you shall have might faith in the priesthood your posterity shall become very numerous in the land shall be kings and priests in the priesthood of the Lord in the house of Israel shall be saviours on Mount Zion and shall be terrible among the enemies of the Lord be as Saints among the Elders of Israel if you desire it you shall live to see Zion established in peace on Earth see all things accomplished that the prophets have spoken concerning the Latter-day Glory and inherit a kingdom and a dominion that shall never pass away with thy companion and all they father's house. Even so Amen.

On 12 JUN 1852 Hannah and George were sealed by Brigham Young in his office until they could be sealed over the alter of the temple (S1). The International Genealogical Index records this as being in the Endowment House. (S4).

On 15 APR 1853 son Joseph Newberry Morris was born. On 29 JUN 1855 daughter Mary Ann Morris was born. In 1855 they saw the year of the grasshopper famine and the miracle of the seagulls. At that time they also took a young immigrant man into their home for a year. On 7 MAR 1857 Hannah and all the family were rebaptized in what they called "the great reformation" when the saints and all the Authorities of the Church were rebaptized. On 3 MAY 1857 son James Newberry Morris was born in Salt Lake City.

About APR of 1858 the family moved to the Provo River bottoms near Utah Lake in consequence of the "Utah War" and Johnson's approaching Army. They lived there in a dugout.

Later that summer or early fall (July or September) they returned to their home in Salt Lake City. On 20 FEB 1859 daughter Ellen Newberry Morris was born. She only lived three days, though, and died on 23 JUL 1859. On 21 MAR 1860 son Franklin Newberry Morris was born. On 10 APR 1862 daughter Harriett Newberry Morris was born. On 21 NOV 1862 her first daughter Lavina was married and moved from home.

On 26 DEC 1863, Hannah was sealed to her husband and received her "Second Endowment1." This was undoubtedly to complete the sealing of 1852 in Brigham Young's office "until they could be sealed over the alter." On this day she was also proxy for the sealing of Maria ALLEN to her husband. She was sick when Harriett NEWBERRY, Jane HIGGINBOTHAM, and Ann MATHEWS were sealed to him, so her daughter Lavina was proxy for them.

Afterwards, probably starting about this time and possibly due to these plural marriages, there was discord between her and her husband. During the times of persecution of the polygamists by the U.S. government officials, they lived apart. On 25 JUL 1864 the last of her children, her son Ephraim Frederick Newberry Morris was born. Soon the rest of her children began to marry and move away from home. Again in 1876 she suffered much due to illness.

S. L. City March 18-1876

Dear Bro. Abram as I have not heard from you or any of my folks for A long time I have come to the Conclusion to write a few lines to you in hopes that I may hear from you Soon and larn how you are geting along and allso how James and his family are getting along and wether Father is yet living and when you heard from him and all you know about him and his younger famaly and what you know about Johns famaly and Jane and her folks the last I heard from any of you was a few words from Bro. Buryes that used to live in Keokuk he said that you talked of coming out here on a visit. I whould very much like to see and I think that a trip out here whould well pay you for your truble and that you would never regrett it and could not spend that much money to better advantage it is not much of a journey now by Railrode. I have thought it a little strainge that none of my folks ever write to me as they all know where I am but I do not know where they are. I am still living in the same House that we Built when we first came here 25 years ago. Electa and Ester never write to me they know where I am but I do not know anything of them do you if you do send me word for I should like to hear from them very much did you ever here anything about Seth Palmer after Harriat died Sallay Ann and Patty are living in Iron County about 250 miles South we here from them very little while I supose you know that Sallay Ann has been a widdow for over 3 years and Patty has a large family 8 or 9 Children.

I wish you whould send me an acount of all you know about the Genineolagy of my Fathers and Mothers folks and any Other information that you think whould be interesting to me and I will do the same in return. I am afflicted pretty bad with Salt rhume in my feet and ankles for a great many years which makes it very difficult for me to get around the House my family Consists of 11 living Children and one Dead five Girls Married and two Boys. I have five Boys and Six Girls my Grand Children Number 23 in all 11 Boys and 6 Girls living and 2 Boys and 4 Girls Dead. I will now Close by saying that I hope that you will not fail to answer this letter at the Earliest Opportunity and send me the Adress of all the folks. Our Adress is George Morris 17 Ward S Lake City UT this is all for the present.

From your affactonate Sister
Hannah Maria N Morris

In Aug 1888 her son James and his family moved in with her and stayed for about a month.

Hannah was an invalid the latter part of her life. The lye used in daily housekeeping chores had splashed onto her legs so much that she suffered considerably from the burns. Hannah died 6 NOV 1893 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah and was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

[F32]. George MORRIS. [PC M1].

CHILDREN of George MORRIS [F32] and (2) Hannah Maria NEWBERRY [F33]:
  1. Lavina Newberry MORRIS. Born 13 JUL 1844 at Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois. She was married 21 NOV 1862 by D.H.Wells to Nathan DAVIS. They had 7 children. She died on 2 SEP 1879.
  2. Julia Ann MORRIS. Born 28 AUG 1846 in Lee County, Iowa. She was married 23 NOV 1867 by D. H. Wells to Thomas GOLIGHTLY. They were later divorced. She died 17 NOV. 1921.
  3. Rosella Newberry MORRIS. Born 29 MAR 1848 in Lee County, Iowa. She was married 7 SEP 1867 by H.C. Kimball to Lucius Wheat PECK. They were later divorced. She married (2) 25 NOV. 1870 John JENKINS. She died 24 FEB 1928.
  4. George Vernon MORRIS. Born 15 MAY 1850 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. He was married (1) 3 NOV. 1869 by D. H. Wells to Catherine DAVIS. He was married (2) 29 NOV. 1883 to Agnes Warne LeCHEMINANT. He died 1 NOV. 1922.
  5. Maria Jane MORRIS. Born 17 SEP 1851 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. She was married 20 APR 1874 by W. Woodruff to Edward SCRACE. She died 6 APR 1925.
  6. Joseph Newberry MORRIS. Born 15 APR 1853 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. He married 8 NOV. 1871 Sarah Ann GROW. He died 29 MAY 1924.
  7. Mary Ann MORRIS. Born 29 JUN 1855 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. She was married 13 FEB 1871 by D.H.Wells to Alford Joseph RIDGES, whose father built the tabernacle organ. She died 9 JUL 1938.
  8. [F16]. James Newberry MORRIS. [PC C1]. Born 3 MAY 1857 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. He married Harriett Louisa ELLIOTT [F17].
  9. Ellen Newberry MORRIS. Born 20 FEB 1859 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. She died 23 FEB 1859.
  10. Franklin Newberry MORRIS. Born 21 MAR 1860 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. Married 28 JUL 1879 Elizabeth Ann MITCHELL. He died 25 JUN 1936.
  11. Harriett Newberry MORRIS. Born 10 APR 1862 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. She was married 12 OCT 1887 by F.D. Richards Calvin to David PENDLETON. She died 8 APR 1923.
  12. Ephraim Frederick Newberry MORRIS. Born 25 JUL 1864 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. He married 11 MAR 1885 Harriett Ann HARRIS. He died 26 SEP 1898.