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John Newberry and Jemima Benedict

Born about 1744 (1745-6), probably in the South Precinct of Dutchess County New York; son of John NEWBERRY and Zurviah BURTCH.
This area was later renamed the Fredericksburgh Precinct, then Fredricksberg, then Franklin, then Patterson, then it became part of Putnam County, New York.

If John was not born in New York, then he moved there, to Warwick, apparently before he was married. He became a farmer there. The Newberry homestead was a tract of land east of Wickham Pond.

He married Jemima BENEDICT on 1 June 1770, undoubtedly at Warwick, Orange County, New York where her family was living. They made their homestead south of Bellvale and east of Wickham Pond in Warwick.

Entries in the Day Book of Francis Baird from December 1773 to May 1774 show that John Newbury was a patron. Francis Baird owned the tavern and general store in the village.

Assessment Rolls, Town of Warwick 1775 Assessment Roll. John Newberry, property estimated at 3 / 0 / 0. Edwin Newberry is also listed, with property estimated at 2 / 17 / 0.

Warwick Town Assessment Rolls. Florence P. Tate, Warwick Town Historian in June 2000 spot-checked the assessment rolls and the following is what she discovered:
1801: John Newberry
1811: John Newberry
1813: John Newberry, value of real estate $2,812.50 Personal property, $4,000; tax $5.04
1816: John Newbury
James Newbury
1820: John Newbury
Joshua Newbury
1824: John Newberry 165 acres; valuation, $1,475
Joshua Newberry; 100 acres; valuation $977.
1826: John Newbury
Joshua Newbury
1830: Jemima Newberry
Joshua Newberry
Anna Newberry (personal property, not real estate)
1834: Jemima Newbury, widow
Joshua Newbury (personal, no real estate)

His will was written 5 SEP 1809. He died 3 JAN 1818 at Warwick, Orange County, New York. Some have said that he moved to Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut and died there; however, his will was probated 19 JAN 1818 in Dutchess County, New York. It does not list his wife's name, but leaves his property to his sons and a room in the house for my wife. It lists children: his sons John, James, and Joshua; and daughters, ten in all but only Ann, Patty, Seviah, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Ascenith are mentioned by name. The name of daughter Seviah indicates that he is indeed the son of John NEWBERRY and Zurviah BURTCH. Executors of his will are his wife, John Newberry, and James Newberry. Witnesses were James Burt, Phebe Burt, and William Noble. His will was recorded in Liber F., page 183.

John Newberry will:
I John Newberry of the town of Warwick County of Orange and state of New York Farmer considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife the use and ocupency of the room of her choice in my now dwelling during her natural life, and Ocupency and Control of the whole house for three years after my decease - together with all the furniture she may need for her use during her widdowhood Secondly I give and bequeth unto my three sons namely John James & Joshua Newberry all my real estate & to their heirs and assigns forever Equal proportions in quantity and quality, Item I give and bequeth unto my dauters, Ann, Patty, Seviah, Hannah, Elizabeth & Ascenith as much of personal estate as shall make them equal to that given to my dauters which are now married - Item I give and bequethe the remainder of my personal Estate to my dauters in the following manner first I give unto my dauters Hannah and Elizabeth twenty five dollars each and the Remainder to my ten dauters dauters equally share and share alike. And Lastly I do nominate and appoint my beloved wife an Executrix and my sons John and James Executors to this my last will and testament hearby revokeing all former wills by me made In witness Whereof I have hearunto set my hand and seal the fifth day of September in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nine, signed sealed published and declared by the above named John Newberry to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witness in the presence of the testater.
Witnessess: James Burt -- Wm. Noble -- Phebe Burt
[transcribed by Lil Heselton] (S9).

Jemima BENEDICT. [PC M2].
Born 25 JUL 1749 at Ridgefield, Fairfield, Connecticut; daughter of James BENEDICT and Mary BLACKMAN. [It is more probable that her mother was named Jemima. This needs more research. Also, When did she move to Warwick?].

Jemima married John NEWBERRY on 1 June 1770; probably at Warwick, Orange County, New York. They resided at Warwick.

After John died, Jemima was devastated and set out to read the Bible for her husband forty-nine times before her own death. She cut a notch in the Bible each time she finished. She was close to being through her fiftieth reading at the time of her own death. This Bible was in the hands of Mildred Durand Gordy in the 1920s and perhaps in the 1940's was taken care of by Fannie Benedict. Its current location is unknown. Mildred was the grand daughter of Arcenith Newberry Durand and Daniel Durand.

Entries in a ledger of Stephen A. Burt, who owned a store at Bellvale 1823 to 1826 show that Anna Newbery, John Newbery, carpenter, (probably son) Mrs. John Newbery, Widow of John Newbery and Joshua Newbery were all customers. Bellvale is a hamlet within the town of Warwick about four miles from the village of Warwick. The Newberry homestead was in the neighborhood of Bellvale on the current Bellvale Rd.

Jemima died on 1 June 1843 in the part of Warwick called Belville (Bellvale, Belleville) in Orange County, New York. After their mothers death none of the sons appear on the Warwick Assessment Rolls. It appears that Daniel Durand, son-in-law to John Newberry, may have been owner of the property for awhile.



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