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Christopher OSGOOD

[F28764]. Christopher OSGOOD
Born about 1569 (in 1580-S7) at Wherewell, Hampshire, England (at Salisbury, England-S7); son of (Christopher OSGOOD) or (John OSGOOD-S8). He married Elizabeth BROCKWELL on 30 Oct 1599 at St. Thomas Church, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. He died (in 1611-S7), probably Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

[F28765]. Elizabeth BROCKWELL.
Born before 1580. She married Christopher OSGOOD [F28764] on 30 OCT 1599, St. Thomas Church, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England [166206].

She died 16 JUN 1612 at Wherewell, Hampshire, England. Elizaeth's will is dated 18 June 1612 and was proved that year. A copy is on file in the registry of Wills, Salisbury. She was a widow, desired to be buried in the churchyard of St. Thomas (where she was married to Christopher) and names son-in-law Matthew Mayland, Margaret, wife of Edward Noble, Priscilla Hicks (daughter?), son-in-law Thomas Roberts and friends John Hicks and John Upton.

CHILDREN of Christopher OSGOOD [F28764] and Elizabeth BROCKWELL [F28765]:
  1. [F7826]. William OSGOOD. Born (in 1600-S7)(about 1609) at Herrel, near Andover, England. He married Elizabeth CLEAR or CLERE. He died in Mar 1700, Salisbury, Essex, MA, Age: 91.
  2. John OSGOOD. Born (23 JUL 1595)(1602-S7) at Wherwell, Hampshire County, England. He married Sarah Booth on 1 JUN 1627 in England. John Osgood was in Newbury, MA in 1638, became a Freeman on may 22 1639, may have been in Hampton, NH for a time, but appears in Newbury in 1641 and was listed as a Freeholder on Dec 7, 1642. On May 10, 1643 the county of Essex was formed and the town of Cochichwicke ( Andover) was incorporated. John Woodbridge was ordained minister of the new town and John Osgood, along with others, accompanied him there. He died 24 OCT 1651 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. Source 6 says he is the son of John OSBORN.
  3. [F14382]. Christopher OSGOOD. He was “most likely” the son of Christopher & Elizabeth (Brockwell). Born (1600)(1610-S7)(1600-1610)(1607-1612-S9) at (Salisbury)(Marlborough-S7), Wiltshire, England. He married (1) Mary EVERETT in Mar 1631 at Marlborough, Wiltshire, England. He married (2) Margery FOWLER m. Jul 1633, St. Mary's, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England. “Christopher Osgood. of Orre11, England, came to America,. Feb. ye 14, 1634.”(S10). Christopher came to America on the ship "Mary and John" 24 March 1634. With him came his second wife, Margery Fowler, and his infant daughter, Mary, daughter of his first wife who had died the prior year, one month after the child's birth. On the same ship were his new in-laws, Philip & Mary Fowler. They all settled at Ipswich, where Christopher was a proprietor in 1634 and was made Freeman 16 May 1635. OSGOOD, Christopher. Took the freeman's oath at Boston, May 6. 1635. He had granted to him an house lot in 1635, having John Proctor's houselot on the south, John Robinson on the north, William Fuller east, and a swamp west. He was a commoner in 1641. He possessed a lot on the Town Hill in 1645. His grants of land there adjoined that of his father-in-law. He was a clothmaker. He died before 10 Oct 1650, Ipswich, Essex, MA, Age: 50. His will is dated 19 April 1650 and was probated 10 Oct. 1650. It is published in the "Essex Antiquarian," Vol IV, 1900, pg. 37 and reproduced before (from The Fowler Family). Recorded Essex Probate Bk. 1: 234: "I, CHRISTOPHER OSGOOD of Ipswich, being weake in body, but of perfect understandinge & memory, doe comitt my soule into the hands of my redeemer, & concerning that little Estate the Lord hath lent mee, this is my last will & testament. First, I do give unto my oldest daughter Mary Osgood, ten pounds, to be paid her or her assigns at her day of marriage, & to my other three daughters, Abigail, Elisabeth & Deborah, five pounds to each of them, to be paid to them, and every of them, at or upon their respective dayes of marriage. And to my sonne Christopher Osgood, I do give my house and lands, to have & enjoy the same, at the age of two & twentie yeares. And my will is, that my beloved wife MARGERY OSGOOD, shall be the sole executrix of this my will, & to enjoy the proffltt & benefitt of my estate, duringe the minority of my children, as above said. And lastly, I doe request and desire Mr. John Norton, and my Father Phillip Fowler, to be overseers, that this my will be performed, according to the true intent thereof. In witness heere of, I have subscribed my hand, the nineteenth day of Aprill, 1650. CHRISTOPHER OSGOOD. I do also desire our respected Major (Daniel Denison) to a joyne with Mr Norton & my Father. Witnesses: NATHANIEL MATHEW. JOSEPH ROWLANDSON. DANIEL ROLFE. Memorandum which was forgotten, my will is, that my oldest daughter marry not, without the desire of my wife & the consent of my overseers, & that my younger daughters, marry not without the consent of their mother & the advice of the overseers, if it may be had, and that their several portions be paid unto them when they shall attaine the age of twenty yeares, if they be not marryed before that age. CHRISTOPHER OSGOOD. Proved by the oath of Daniel Rolfe, the 10th of the 8th mo. 1650, per me. Robert Lord."
  4. Mary OSGOOD. Born 1603.(S7).