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Christopher Osgood and Mary Everat

Christopher OSGOOD.
Born (1600-S?)(about 1607)(in 1610-S1)(1607-1612-S10)] in (Marlborough-S1)(Salisbury-S?), Wiltshire, England.
He was “most likely” the son of Christopher OSGOOD and Elizabeth BROCKWELL. (S1).

Son of John OSGOOD.(S2).

[Since most sources agree that he is the son of Christopher OSGOOD and Elizbeth BROCKWELL, I will list him so also. Keep in mind that this is still not definitely proven.].

He married (1) Mary EVERETT on 21 April 1632.

She died in April 1633.

He married (2) Margery FOWLER on 28 July 1633 in St. Mary's Church, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England.

“Christopher Osgood. of Orrell, England, came to America,. Feb. ye 14, 1634.”(S8).

[Is Orrell a corruption of Marlborough? Or is there some error here?]

Christopher came to America on the ship Mary and John, arriving on 24 March 1634. With him came his second wife, Margery Fowler, and his infant daughter, Mary, daughter of his first wife who had died the prior year. On the same ship were his new in-laws, Philip & Mary Fowler.

They settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts. They had 6 children.

Christopher was a proprietor in Ipswich in 1634 and was made Freeman 16 May 1635. OSGOOD, Christopher. Took the freeman's oath at Boston, May 6. 1635. He had granted to him an house lot in 1635, having John Proctor's houselot on the south, John Robinson on the north, William Fuller east, and a swamp west. He was a commoner in 1641. He possessed a lot on the Town Hill in 1645. His grants of land there adjoined that of his father-in-law. He was a clothmaker.

He died in 1650 at Ipswich, Massachusetts.

He died before 10 Oct 1650, Ipswich, Essex, MA, Age: 50. His will is dated 19 April 1650 and was probated 10 Oct. 1650. It is published in the "Essex Antiquarian," Vol IV, 1900, pg. 37 and reproduced before (from The Fowler Family). Recorded Essex Probate Bk. 1: 234: "I, CHRISTOPHER OSGOOD of Ipswich, being weake in body, but of perfect understandinge & memory, doe comitt my soule into the hands of my redeemer, & concerning that little Estate the Lord hath lent mee, this is my last will & testament. First, I do give unto my oldest daughter Mary Osgood, ten pounds, to be paid her or her assigns at her day of marriage, & to my other three daughters, Abigail, Elisabeth & Deborah, five pounds to each of them, to be paid to them, and every of them, at or upon their respective dayes of marriage. And to my sonne Christopher Osgood, I do give my house and lands, to have & enjoy the same, at the age of two & twentie yeares. And my will is, that my beloved wife MARGERY OSGOOD, shall be the sole executrix of this my will, & to enjoy the proffltt & benefitt of my estate, duringe the minority of my children, as above said. And lastly, I doe request and desire Mr. John Norton, and my Father Phillip Fowler, to be overseers, that this my will be performed, according to the true intent thereof. In witness heere of, I have subscribed my hand, the nineteenth day of Aprill, 1650. CHRISTOPHER OSGOOD. I do also desire our respected Major (Daniel Denison) to a joyne with Mr Norton & my Father. Witnesses: NATHANIEL MATHEW. JOSEPH ROWLANDSON. DANIEL ROLFE. Memorandum which was forgotten, my will is, that my oldest daughter marry not, without the desire of my wife & the consent of my overseers, & that my younger daughters, marry not without the consent of their mother & the advice of the overseers, if it may be had, and that their several portions be paid unto them when they shall attaine the age of twenty yeares, if they be not marryed before that age. CHRISTOPHER OSGOOD. Proved by the oath of Daniel Rolfe, the 10th of the 8th mo. 1650, per me. Robert Lord."

[F14383]. Mary EVERAT (Everatt)(Everett-S3)(Everhard-S3).
She married Christopher OSGOOD [F14382] on 21 APR 1632. She died in APR 1633, one month after giving birth to daughter Mary. She was buried 21 APR 1633 at Marlborough, Wiltshire, England.

CHILDREN of Christopher OSGOOD [F14382] and Mary EVERAT [F14383]:
  1. [F7191]. Mary OSGOOD. Born 17 MAR 1633 in Marlbourough, Wiltshire, England. She married John LOVEJOY [F7190] on 1 JAN 1651 at Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. She died 15 JUL 1675 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.

Magaret (Margery) FOWLER.
Christened on 25 May 1615 at St. Mary’s Church, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England; daughter of Philip FOWLER and Mary WINGSLEY (WINSLOW).

She (Margery FOWLLER) married Christopher OSGOOD [F14382] on 28 JUL 1633 in St. Mary Church, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England. (FHL Film Number 950274).

Christopher came to America on the ship "Mary and John" 24 March 1634. With him came his second wife, Margery Fowler, and his infant daughter, Mary, daughter of his first wife who had died the prior year, one month after the child's birth. On the same ship were his new in-laws, Philip & Mary Fowler. They all settled at Ipswich.

Her husband Christopher OSGOOD died in 1650 at Ipswich, Massachusetts.

On 15 OCT 1650 widow Margery OSGOOD, petitions for an abatement of the portions given by the estate of Christopher OSGOOD, to eldest daughter, second daughter, eldest son, who was to have home and land, and pay to the two younger children, when 18 years of age, the property not proving sufficient, recorded 15 Dec. 1650. (S15).

She was married to Deacon Thomas ROWELL about 1650 in Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. They had son, Jacob ROWELL.

Margaret entered into a marriage covent with Thomas ROWELL, the original of which is on file in Essex Registry of Probate:
"Know all men by these present, yt I, Thomas ROWELL of Salisbury, doe hereby covenant & Make this agremt, conerning Margere OSSGOOD, ye widdow of Christopher OSSGOOD of Ipswich, whoome God willing, I intend to make my Lawfull wife, & now being in perfect healthe, sense & memory, doe bind myselfe, to the premisses ffollowing:---Videly:---As I take her to be my loving wife, soe I freely take her issue, being twoo sonne, & two daughters, as my one, to endeavor to bring them upp, asa ffather ought to doe: & ffurther more, I bind myselfe, that the said Margere shall quiettly enjoy & posesse, the halfe of my estate, which I shall be posessed withall, when it shall please God to change my life, besides the part of portion of goods, which I shall have with her, paying to the said issue, there severall portons, mentioned is there ffathers will, according to the appointed times, out of said estate, which I shall enjoy with her, In wittnes whereof, I have hereunto sett my hand, this 24th of ffebruary: 1650. In the presence of,
WILLIAM CHANDLER. (the marke of).

Received in court, held at Ipswich, the 30th of Sept., 1662, & alowed of, by the court. As attest. Robert LORD, cler." (S15). It is apparent from this that this document was held by the family and first recorded upon the death of Thomas.

Thomas Rowell wrote his will at the same time, on 24 FEB 1650.

In 1656/57 (12 Feb.) Thomas Rowell and Alex. KNIGHT make an agreement with Robert COLLINGS, to lease his farm in Ipswich for seven years from date, excepting two acres and the home lot for himself.

In 1659 (5 April) when of Andover, with wife Marjery, sells Lieut. Robert PIKE of Salisbury, for 14 Pounds, "all my farm in the said town of Salisbury, containing by estimation, six score acres, be it more or less, viz: twenty acres of it was granted by the town of Salisbury, forty acres bought of Mr Samuel HALE, and forty acres bought of Mr Thomas BRADBURY, which was sometime John HPGE'S; all which several parcels of land, are situate, lying, and being within the bounds of Salisbury, up at the new town."

Thomas ROWELL died about MAY or JUN 1662, as inventory of his estate was taken on 16 JUN 1662.

In 1662 (16 June) Robert COLLINS was a debtor of 5 shillings to the esatate of (his brother-in-law) Thomas ROWELL of Salisbury. (S15).

His will was proved (probated) 30 SEP 1662. It is recorded Essex Probate, Bk. 1: 173-175., amount 16-10-2 Pounds, allowed 30 Sept 1662, when Margery, his widow, was administratrix of estate. Inventory 123-3-0 Pounds. By contract before marriage, the widow to have half the estate, court orders 29-10-0 Pounds to be paid to Jacob ROWELL, his son, when 21 years of age, and to his grandchildren, the children of Valentine ROWELL, 7-4-0 Pounds to eldest son, and 20shillings apiece to the other five. Additional inventory sworn to, 28th, 4th mo., 1681, when son Jacob ROWELL was appointed to take the place of Margary, his widow. Jacob ROWELL is then called the only child, who had then become of age, at which time he was appointed adm'r, to take the place of his mother Margary, the widow, who had removed out of the jurisdiction (Nantucket). He speaks of an agreement between his father and mother before marriage. Appraisers, Dudley BRADSTREET and Thomas CHANDLER. Some of the estate was on the Indian Plains, being the third division meadow, on the west side of Shawshine river, and upland in the swamp division. (S15).

She was married to (3) Thomas COLEMAN apparently in 1670.

In 1670 (15 July) "Margery COLEMAN, administratrix to the estate of Thomas ROWELL, my former husband, late of Andover, deceased, with the full cinsent of Thomas COLEMAN, of the Island of Nantuckett, my present Husband, " for 3 Pounds, "payed by my son Christopher OSSGOOD, of Andove, Joyner," sells him land on northwest side of Shawshine river, in Andover. Witnesses Simon BRADSTREET (Governor), Dudley BRADSTREET, Marcy BRADSTREET. Ack. 15 June 1681. (S15).

In 1673 (27May) she gived by deed of gift, to her son Thomas OSGOOD of Newbury. (S15).

As Margery OSGOOD is called of Nantucket, 27 May 1673, per Essex Reg. Deeds, B. 3, 1.274. [NEHGR (1859) Vol. 13, p. 200]

8 June 1675, Margaret mentions that she had let unto her son Christopher OSGOOD of Andover, her house and land for twelve years, for which he is to pay her 15 Pounds, when the said twelve years is expired, and at this time orders him to pay it to her son Thomas OSGOOD. (S15).

She was married to (4) Thomas OSBORNE before 25 OCT 1682 in Nantucket, Nantucket County, Massachusetts.

She died on 5 MAR 1701/2 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.

CHILDREN of Christopher OSGOOD [F14382] and Margery FOWLER:
  1. William OSGOOD. Born about 1634 at Marlborough, Wiltshire, England. Died: 2 JUL 1635.
  2. (CPT) Christopher OSGOOD. Born 1643 at Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. He married (Hannah BELKNAP 6 DEC 1663 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.)(Sarah-S2). They had 5 children; Ezekiel, Mary, Hannah, Dorothy, Abigail. He moved to Andover after 1673. He is alluded to on the church records [Ipswich or Andover?] on March 1, 1673, “Tho: Osgood, the sonne of our brother Christopher Osgood,” took the covenant. He was admitted a freeman in 1675. Capt. Christopher Osgood 2, had an account with Robert Lord, June 25, 1681, as did Thomas Osgood his son. Representative at the December session in 1690. He died 5 or 9 May 1723 at Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  3. Abigail OSGOOD. Born: 1636 at Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.
  4. Elizabeth Osgood. Born: 1638 at Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. Died: BEF 24 FEB 1651.
  5. Deborah (Debrah) OSGOOD. Born: 1640 or 1643 at Ipswich or Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts. She married John RUSS in 1663.
  6. Thomas OSGOOD. Born: 1650 or 1651 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.