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Hugh Price and Mary Wright

Hugh Price. [PC T4-19], [How are we Related].
Hugh was born (on 26 April 1654-S1)(about 1663-S5) at Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. (S1).

He arrived in Maryland (in 1668-S5)(in 1684-S5). [NOTE: The arrival in 1684 is probably a different Hugh Price. If this is when he arrived and was indentured, he was probably not the Hugh Price married the next year. He may have been the arrival in 1668, but confirmation is needed. If he was indeed born in 1654 in Plymouth, arriving in 1668 is possible, but is also when he was a bit too young to be traveling on his own. ].

He married (Mary-S2)(MaryWright-S3,S6) (after 9 June 1676-S2)(before 1685-S11)(in 1685-S3,S4,S6) at Boston/Middleborough, Massachusetts. (S2).

Hugh Price took the Oath of Allegiance in Boston, Massachusetts on 21 April 1679. (S14).

Hugh died (before 1691-S2)(on 8 June 1691-S1)(before 8 June 1691-S11) at Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Mary Wright. (Mary Elizabeth Wright-S12). [PC T4-20], [How are we Related].
Born (in 1645-S12)(in 1654-S3,S4)(about 1654-S11)(in 1657-S7) in Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts (S4,S7,S11,S12); daughter of Richard Wright and Hester Cooke. (S4,S7,S9,S12).

Mary Wright, yet unmarried, signed a receipt for her share of her brother John's estate on 9 June 1676. (S1).

In her father's will, dated 8 June 1691, she is called Mary Price, widow. (S1).

On 13 July 1691 Mary Price of Plymouth sold to her brother Adam Wright housing and lands left to her by her father Richard Wright. (S1).

On 30 July 1711 Mary Price of Plymouth posted bond as administrix of the estate of her son John. (S1).

She died (on 1 November 1711-S4)(after 1 November 1711-S8,S11) at Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. (S4).

CHILDREN of Hugh Price and Mary Wright:
  1. Mary Price. [PC T4-20], [How are we Related]. Born in 1685. She married Samuel Sturtevant. She died in 1748.
  2. John Price. Born in 1688, in Middleborough, Massachusetts. (S13).


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