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John Rathbun and Margaret Acres

Born in 1628-1629 in Ditton, Lancashire, England; son of Thomas RATHBONE and Alice CHILDWALL. He was christened on (8 March 1629-S1,S2) at Farnworth Chapel, Prescott Parrish, County Lancashire, England.(S2,S5). [see Farnworth].

He married Margaret ACRES about 1654. (S1).

He emigrated from Ditton, Lancashire, England to America, using money which he had inherited from his father (S1,S2) who had died on 7 February 1654. He, with his wife Margaret Acres and no doubt his brother-in-law John Acres, settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts with fellow emigrates from County Lancashire, England.(S2). He and his wife first settled in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts about 1655(S1), and then acquired land on Block Island (now RI) about 1660.(S1).

Block Island is located off the southern coast of Rhode Island and east of Long Island. In 1614, the island was named for Andrian Block, a Dutch explorer and trader after being called Claudia since 1524. It was known as Manisses by the Indians. New Shoreham is the name of the town. In 1661, the Rathbun family was one of sixteen families who settled at New Shoreham, Block Island, Rhode Island.(S2).

He was a member of the Rhode Island General Assembly from 1681 to 1684.(S2).

He died in New Shoreham, Rhode Island prior to 6 October 1702 (S2), and is buried in the Old Cemetery at New Shoreham, Rhode Island.(S2).


"In the name of God, Amen. I, John Rathbone, Senior, of Block Island, also New Shoram, in the colony of Rhode Island and Providence plantation in New England, yeoman, being sick in body but of perfect memory, thanks be to Almighty God, and calling to remembrance the uncertain estate of this transitory life and that all flesh must yield unto death when it shall please God to call, do make, constitute, ordain, and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following, revoking and annulling by these presents, all and every testament and testaments, will or wills heretofore by me made and declared, either by word or by writing, and this is to be taken only, for my last will and testament and none other...
First, I give and bequeath to my son, Samuel Rathbone, the table and cubbard which stand now in his house as for are lomes (heirlooms?) to the house, and I leave my wife, Margaret Rathbone, my executrix of all my moveable and household goods, houses and chattles, cattle, sheep and horsekind, and I leave the income of my house at Newport for her lifetime, and at her decease the westward of my house at Newport, and the leanto of that end so far as the post that the door hangs on, and the shop to be left to my son John Rathbone's son John and his heirs forever; and the eastward end of said house and the rest f the leanto to be left for my son William Rathbone's son John and his heirs forever, and the yard to be equally for their use.
And I leave to my wife for her lifetime the twenty acres of land which I bought of Henry Hall, and the running of two cows and a horse, and the end of the house which I now live in .
And I leave that my four sons shall pay to my wife during her lifetime, forty shillings a year, that is to say, John Rathbone, William Rathbone and Joseph Rathbone and Samuel Rathbone.
And I leave to my wife during her lifetime, my neager man, and at her disposing and at her decease to my son Thomas Rathbone for three years, and at the end of the three years to give him as good clothes as his mistress leaves him and then to set him free.
And at my wife's decease, what household goods are left are to be equally divided among my three daughters, Sarah, and Margaret and Elizabeth, and what cattle and sheep and horsekind are left are to be equally divided between my five sons.
And I leave that my wife shall take up all bonds and debts dut to me.
And I leave that my executrix shall see this my will performed.
In witness whereof I have hereinto set my hand and affixed my seal in Block Island aforesaid, the twelfth day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and two."

John JR Rathbone

Signed, sealed and delivered to be the last will and testament of JOHN RATHBONE, Senior, in presence of,

Block Island, October 2, 1702
William Hancock, Jr., and James Welch and Roger Dickens personally appeared before me, and did testify upon solemn oath that they were testamony to the signing and sealing of this will and testament before me.

Those persons above specified, William Hancock, James Welch, Roger Dickens personally appeared and acknowledged befor the public town meeting that they had taken upon solemn oath before me Simon Raye, Head Warden, to the truth of the above written and subscription. Entered by order of the Wardens and Town Council by me,
Town Clerk.
January 12, 1702-3.

Margaret ACRES. [Familytree].
The daughter of Thomas Acres and Margery Houghton. She was christened on 15 September 1633 in Farnworth Chapel, Prescott, Lancashire, England.

She married John RATHBUN (about 1654-S1)(about 1656) in New Shoreham, Block Island, Rhode Island.

It is not clear how and when Margaret came to Rhode Island. It is probable that since she and John both came from Lancashire, that they came together with the same group.

She died after March 1716, and was was buried in Block Island, Rhode Island.

CHILDREN of John RATHBUN and Margaret ACRES:
  1. John RATHBUN. [Familytree]. He married Ann DODGE.
  2. Thomas RATHBUN. Born (about 1657-S1)(in 1657-S3,S4) at (Dorchester, Massachusetts-S3)(probably at Roxbury, Massachusetts-S4). [Source 4 says he is the son of John RATHBUN and Margaret DODGE]. He married (1) Mary DICKENS (daughter of Nathaniel DICKENS-S4) on 21 (August-S1)(April-S3) 1685, New Shoreham, Rhode Island. He married (2) Mary NIXON 30 OCT 1717 at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.(S3). He died (20-S3)(26-S1) December (1723-S?)(1733-S1,S3), New Shoreham, Rhode Island. WIFE (1): Mary Dickens. (daughter of Nathaniel & Joan DICKENS). Born about 1660. She died 26 Dec 1733 (in 1723-S4) at Block Island, RI. WIFE (2): Mary NIXON
  3. William RATHBUN. Born (about 1657-S1)(in 1661-S3) at Dorchester, Massachusetts. He married (1) Sarah MOTT of Westerly, Rhode Island on 18 DEC 1680 at New Shoreham, Rhode Island. (S1,S3). He married (2) Rachel.(S3) He died 30 October 1727 at Westerly, Rhode Island.
  4. Sarah RATHBUN. Born 10 Jun 1659 at Dorchester, Massachusetts.(S1,S3). She married (1) Samuel GEORGE, son of Peter GEORGE and Mary ROWNING, on 20 DEC 1678 at (New Shoreham, Rhode Island-S1)(Newport, Newport, Rhode Island-S3). Samuel was born 12 Apr 1651.(S3). He died 12 Apr 1692.(S3). She married (2) John MITCHELL, son of Thomas MITCHELL, by 6 JAN 1693. (S1). She married (3) John BALL 10 SEP 1710.(S3). She died 6 April 1718, Newport, Rhode Island.(S1,S3).
  5. Margaret RATHBUN. Born (about 1663-S1,S3) and New Shoreham, Block Island, Rhode Island. She married Thomas MITCHELL, son of Thomas MITCHELL 19 May 1691, New Shoreham, Rhode Island.(S1). She died after 1740.(S1).
  6. Joseph RATHBUN. Born (about 1667-S1)(in 1670-S3) at New Shoreham, Rhode Island. He married Mary MOSHER (10-S3)(19-S1) MAY 1691 at (New Shoreham, Rhode Island-S3)(Exeter, Rhode Island-S1). He died (before August 1749-S1)(on 8 AUG 1749-S3) at Exeter, Rhode Island. spouse: Mary MOSHER (daughter of Hugh MOSHER & Rebecca HARNDELL).
  7. Elizabeth RATHBUN. Born (in 1670-S1)(about 1670-S3) at New Shoreham, Rhode Island. She married Nicholas MOSHER 12 AUG 1747.(S1). She died 14 August 1747 at Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
  8. Samuel RATHBUN. Born 3 August 1672 (S1,S3) (Newport)(Block Island-S3) Rhode Island. He married Patience COGGESHALL on 3 Nov 1692 at New Shoreham, Rhode Island.(S1,S3). He died on 24 Jan 1757 at New Shoreham, Rhode Island.(S1,S3). spouse: Patience COGGESHALL (daughter of John COGGESHALL & Patience THROCKMORTON).


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