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[3542157312]. RICHARD II, The Good (in French, "le Bon"), Duke of Normandy.
Son of Richard I, The Fearless, Third Duke of Normandy and Gunnor (Gunnora) of Crepon.

He succeeded his father as Duke of Normandy in 996. Richard held his own against a peasant insurrection, and helped Robert II of France against the duchy of Burgundy. He also repelled an English attack on the Cotentin Peninsula that was led by the Ethelred II of England. He pursued a reform of the Norman monasteries.

Richard attempted to improve relations with England through his sister's marriage to King Ethelred, but she was strongly disliked by the English. However, this connection later gave his grandson, William the Conqueror, his claim to the throne of England.

He married (1) Judith of Brittany [3542157313].

He married (2) Poppa.

He possibly married (3) Estrith Sveynsdattir, daughter of Sveyn Harraldsson and Sigrid the Haughty; who is said to have divorced him in 1017. However, due to the political climate at the time, this marriage is unlikely.

He died on 28 AUG 1026.

WIFE (1):
[3542157313]. Judith of Brittany.
Born in (956)(982-S4), of Bretagne, France; daughter of CONAN I, Duke of Bretagne and Ermangarde d' Anjou.
She married Richard II, The Good, 4th Duke of Normandy [3542157312] in the year 1000 in Normandy, France. She died in 1017 in Normandy, France.

CHILDREN of Richard II [3542157312] and Judith [3542157313]:

WIFE (2):

CHILDREN of Richard II [3542157312] and Poppa:

WIFE (3):
Estrith Sveynsdattir (Astrid, Estritha).
Richard is said to have married (3) Estrith, daughter of Sveyn Harraldsson (Forkbeard), King of England, Denmark, & Norway, and Gunhilde of Poland/Sigrid the Haughty; and that she divorced him in 1017. This marriage is extremely unlikely, however, given the political situation. {S4}