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ROBERT, The Devil, and Herleva

[1771078656]. ROBERT, The Devil, The Magnificient, Duke of Normandy.
Son of Richard II, The Good, Duke of Normandy, and Judith of Brittany.
One morning Robert was riding towards this capital town Falaise, when he saw Herleva (Arlette) [1771078657] washing linen in a stream. His “love was instantly fired.” He carried her to his castle, and, although already married to a lady of quality, he lived with her for the rest of his days.

He received the title of Duke of Normandy in 1028. He was called Robert, The Devil. He went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1034. Before he left he persuaded the Norman Barons to accept his son William as his heir. Robert died in Asia Minor on his way home in 1035.

"a lady of quality"

WIFE (mistress):
[1771078657]. Herleva (Herleve-S3)(Arlette-S2).
Of Falaise. She was the daughter of a tanner, a wealthy citizen of Falaise. She was mistress to Robert The Devil, Duke of Normandy [1771078656]. Not long after the birth of her son William, she was given in marriage to Herluin, Viscount of Conteville, who was one of Robert’s followers. By him she had two more sons, Robert, who became Count of Mortain, and Odo, who was made Bishop of Bayeux in 1049 when he was not yet 20 years old.

Children of Robert The Devil and Herleva:

CHILDREN of Herluin, Viscount of Conteville and Herleva::