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Thomas Robie and Mary Coxen

Thomas ROBIE (ROBY).
Born 20 April 1576 in England; son of Thomas ROBIE and Joann COWLEY.

He is mentioned in his father's will, written in April 1588, as being under age.

Thomas is supposed to be the builder of the "Key House" in Castle Donington, in 1595.

He married Mary COXON [F15145] on (29 September)(6 October) 1606.

He was on the homage of the Manor Court in 1637 and 1646, and probably in other years.

His will was dated 24 March 1652, and was proved at Westminister in September 1653. It reads:
"Thomas Robie, of Castle Donington, in Co. Leicester, Yeoman:
My body to be decently buried within the parish Church at Castle Donington, soe neere the place where my father was buried as conveniently may bee.
I bequeath to the poor of the parish of Castle Donington 20s., to be distributed unto them according to the discretion of my executor.
To my sister, Elizabeth Taylor, 20s., to my kinsman, Richard Lowe, 5s., to william Taylor and Robert Shortnose, 2s. 6d., each.
To Robert Robie, my eldest son, and to Francis his wife, 5s.; and to each of their children, 2s. 6d., each.
To John Robie, my son, and to his wife, 5s.; and to each of their children, 2s. 6d., each.
To my son William, and his wife, 5s.; and to his children 2s. 6d., each.
To Humphrey Burrowe, my son-in-law, and his wife, 2s. 6d., each.
To my son, Henry, Lb. 5; and to each of his children, 2s. 6d.
To Samuel Robie, my son, Lb. 100 of current English money, to be paid to him within 2 years after my death.
The use of my goods, moveable and unmoveable, I give to Thomas Robie, my 2nd son, whom I make my sole executor.
I desire my cousin Mr. Thomas Robie and my son William to be supervisors of the same.
I doe further give unto each servant that shall be living with me at the day of my death, 2s. 6d.
Signed Thomas Robie
Witnesses, Daniel Wood, William Bonsall.

Thomas signed his will Thomas Robie, but this spelling isn't prominent until after his two sons Henry and Samuel show up in America.

Thomas died 27 March 1653, Castle Donington, Leicester, England.

Born 20 April 1586 at Castle Donington, Leicester, England; daughter of John Coxon.

She married Thomas ROBIE on (29 September)(6 October) 1606. Mary Coxon Roby had sixteen children, eight of whom died at an early age. She died and was buried 26 April 1641 at Castle Donington, Leicester, England.

CHILDREN of Thomas ROBIE [F15144] and Mary COXEN [F15145]:
  1. Robert ROBIE. Born 11 July 1607. Christened on 12 July 1607 at Castle Donington. He married Frances. He was named on the homage at the Courts of the Manor of Castle Donington in 1635, 1638, 1639, 1644 to October 1649 and again in October 1654. In 1644 he was appointed with three others to the office of Thirdborrow, bu all refused to take the oath "because the constable, Thomas Roby, Gentleman (son of John Roby), had not taken the oath, and the Yirdborough is sworned to assist the constable." They were fined 1 lb. each. In 1653 he conveys lands to his brother Thomas. In January 1655 he and his wife surrender by way of mortgage for 12 years, a messuage and land in Castle Donington, to John Robye and William Robye. He seems then to have gone to Ireland in connection with the cornwellian settlement of land. On 1 July 1668 his widow Frances surrenders (by attorney) a messuare and two yards of land in Castle Donington, then in occupation of my son and heir apparent, Thomas Robye, to his use, on condition of his paying her, and annuity of 10 lbx for her life, beginning 1 May 1671.
  2. Mary ROBIE. Born 4 May 1610 at Castle Donington. She married Humphrey Borrowe. She died 1678.
  3. Thomas ROBIE. Born 27 September 1611. He married Ellen or Helen Cheribough on 26 August 1640. she died 13 May 1676, age 66 years. He is frequently mentioned on the homage or otherwise in the Castle Donington Manor Court proceedings from 1646. In his will dated 12 January 1674, proved at Leicester 31 January 1673, he spoke of his wife Ellin, his sons Thomas and William. He died on 21 January 1674 at Castle Donington.
  4. John ROBIE. Born (10 November 1612)(12 May 1613) at Castle Donington, England. He died 12 November _?_ at Castle Donington, England.
  5. William ROBIE. Born 25 July 1615.
  6. [F7572]. Henry ROBIE. Born 12 February 1617-1618 at Castle Donington, Leicester, England. He married Ruth MOORE. Henry(#5) emigrated to America, settling in New Hampshire in 1639. He died 22 APR 1688.
  7. Edward ROBIE. Born on 16 September 1620 Castle Donington, England. Christened on 23 August 1621 at Castle Donington. Died on 21 May 1641 at Castle Doningon, England.
  8. Samuel ROBIE. Born 12 February 1628 at Castle Donington, Leicester, England. Christened on 29 October 1628 at Castle Donington. Samuel emigrated to New England. In 1662 he bought from Christopher Palmer five acres in Hampton adjoining his brother Henry's land, but in 1663 he was at Newcastle where he set up his shop in the business section. He subscribed in 1665 with 31 others a petition of the inhabitants of Portsmouth and Strawberry Bank against the usurped power of 5 or 6 of the richest men of the parish. His occupation was a cooper in 1671. He was taxed in 1677 for the support of the minister at Portsmouth (Great Island). He married Mary WALTON in 1678. She was b. 1648 England ( daughter of George WALTON and Alice --). She died in New Hampshire. Samuel died in 1693 in New Hampshire.
  9. Child ROBIE.
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