(John?) Sanborn and Anne Bachiler

It is not clear which SANBORN (SAMBORNE) married Anne BACHELDER. Usually it is said to be John, but William or Richard are also given. Some just say that the name of her husband is unknown. Therefore, all are listed here until further convincing evidence is found.

John SANBORN (SANBORNE-S15)(SAWBORN-S18)(SAMBORN). (S4,S5,S8,S15,S18,S22,S25,S26,S27,S30).
Born (about 1579-S5)(about 1590-S8,S27)(Christened in 1600-S15,S25) at (Timsbury-S4)(Harriard, Hampshire-S5)(from Hampshire-S15)(Brimpton, Berkshire-S27), England; son of (Edward SAMBORNE-S5)(Francis SAMBORNE [F30272] of Maiden Newton, Dorset, England-S25). He married Ann BACHILER [F15137] in 1619 at (Southampton, Hampshire-S4,S26)(London-S8), England. He died (1629-S27)(in 1630-S4)(between 1628 and 1630-S8) in England.

Notes for John? Sanborn: (All from S28).
V. C. Sanborn states on pg 17 of his book, "Sanborn Genealogy" "XV. John Samborne, born abt 1591, of whom we have no record. It is not impossible that he was the Samborne who married Anne Bachiler, but no proof is found".(S28).

NEGHR - " The Sanborn Family" by Nathan Sanborn, MD, Henniker, NH, for the year 1856, Vol X, pg 271, states: "The first lineal ancestor of our family, of whom we possess any certain knowledge was a Sanborn, (tradition says his name was John,), who married a daughter of Rev Stephen Bachilor; had three sons and died in England. leaving the widow and her sons to the care of her father." (S28).

Also pg 272 - "John ? Sanborn b. abt 1600 m. ________ dau of Rev . Stephen Bachiler. and then list the three sons Lt John, William Esq & Stphen. (S28).

The book Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy, by Frederick C. Pie rce - Pub 1898, pg 109 states: "6. v. Ann, b. 1601 m. John Sanborn. The husband of Anne Bachiler, bapt 1600, was one of the Hampshire Samborne's, descended from Nicholas, son of Walter and and Margaret (Drew) Samborne of Southcot in Berks, from whom also descended the Samborne's of Timsbury in Somerset" he goes on further to state that the exact connecting link between the husband of Ann Bachiler and the Timsbury is yet to be discovered. (S28).

one more cite: "The Great Migration Begins, Vol I, by Robert C. Anderson, pg 63, states: "V. Ann b, abt 1601(aged 30 in 1631 (Waters 520) m. (1) ________Samborne; m. (2) Strood, Kent 20 Jan 1631/2 Henry Atkinson" (S28).

Pg 69 "The Great Migration Begins" Ann Bachiler married a Samborne, and eventually her three Samborne sons joined their grandfather at Hampton, although the date of their arrival is not known." (S28).

Richard SANBORN. (S9,S14,S20).
Born (in 1579-S9)(about 1579-S14,S20) at (Harriard, Hampshire-S14)(Harriard, Derbyshire-S20) England; son of (Edward SANBORN-S9,S14,S22). The claim that Richard Sanborn is the father of Lt. John Sanborn has been discredited by others.(S11,S14). He died in 1630 in England. (S20).

William SANBORN. (S16,S22,S24,S27).
Born about (1590-S27) at (Brimpton, Berkshire-S29), England.

Son of Edward SAMBORN (S22).
Son of Richard SAMBOURNE.(S27).

He died in (1629-S27) in England.

Born in England. Married about 1620. (S1). Died in England.

Born in (1601)(1600-S16) in (Wherwell-S22)(Hampshire-S4,S22), England; daughter of (Reverend) Stephen BATCHELDER and Ann BATE.

It is certain that she married (1) a SANBORN (SAMBORNE), but it is not certain which one. Usually it is said to be John SANBORN, but other names are given as well. Some say Richard SANBORN and others William SANBORN instead. This marriage was (about 1617-S20)(1618-S22,S23)(about 1619)(in 1619-S26)(about 1620-S27) at (Southampton, Hampshire, England-S26). This husband died in England, apparently about 1630.

Thus widowed by the time she was 30, she married (2), by a license issued at Rochester, in Strood, Kent, England on 20 January 1631-1632 (Strood, Kent, parish register, Kent Record Office, Maidstone, Kent), as “Mrs Anne Sanborne,” to “Mr Henry Atkinson.” Henry Atkinson was of London, England.(S15).

They brought the suit against John Bate, son of Reverend John Bate, thus establishing the basis of these family connections between Bate, Bachiler, and Mrs. Atkinson, among others. What became of the Atkinsons is still not known. They do not appear to have come to New England. The Rochester marriage licenses do not survive for the period in question, from which further information might have been found. However, it has been established that this Henry Atkinson was not the girdler of that name in London who Charles Hull Batchelder thought must be the second husband of Ann (Bachiler) Samborne.(S3).

She is said to have sailed with her father on the ship William and Francis, arriving in New England in 1632. However, the ships records, as cited in Source 6, indicate that her sons came to New England with her father, but she did not. Source 7 also supports this. Source 4 says that she died in England in 1632, which would explain why her sons came to New England without her.

It is not clear what happened to her husband Henry. He may have died before her, or he may have allowed her sons to accompany their grandfather because he could support them better.